Renault R5 Turbo 2 Examples For Sale Right Now


Posted by Dan | Posted in Automotive, Classifieds of Interest | Posted on 01-09-2008

A reader named Wayne emailed me asking about Turbo 2's for sale right now. I turned up the following with a little work on CrazedList and Google. All three models I found are in Southern California, ranging from $18k to $35k.

Renault R5 T2 for $18k in Antelope Valley - This car sounds like a project that needs finishing. I'd be scared myself...

1984 Renault R5 Turbo II, white, 33k kilometers, this car is in MINT stock condition $27500.00 - Car is part of a collection that is being sold apparently. Burbank.

Renault R5 Turbo 2 1985 $35000 in Orange County - This listing includes pictures, and thank goodness too because it looks really sharp.

I didn't search the entire U.S. (yet) so there may be more. And Google didn't turn up much help except an ancient page on the Sun International page. Some of the listings date back to the late 90's. But for the hell of it, I emailed them to see if they have any current inventory.

Do you know of an R5 Turbo for sale? Put a comment in below and tell us more!


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Thanks for the information on the cars. The one in the Antalope Valley isnt there nor is the one for sale in Burbank. Did you see them recently?

Thanks for your help so much,


Hi Wayne,

The two links are still active and the one in Burbank is now found here:

Craigslist Ad’s expire and are renewed under URL’s usually.


Thanks so much. Well now if I can only find a red one…….

Any more for sale, i’m looking for one to ship to the uk, white is preferred but I will look at anything including restoration projects


So nothing else available elsewhere???

Sorry guys, I’m not turning up anything this morning.


man these cars when they come they sure dont last long…should be telling you something, ive been watching them since i was a kid and they are only going up. im looking also for one but just lost the one that was on ebay two weeks ago..damm., now i have to wait again. please keep us posted on this..thxs

Will do!


I have seen a couple for sale in Europe. Problem is bringing them to the states would be costly and probably impossible. If anyone out there knows if it is possible to import one then post your ideas here. I am all ears!


wayne did you see the clean white on red one in england…super clean but like you said i think its to costly to bring them over and convert…

came accross another one on ebay…Wayne you out there!! its a red one!!!….

I saw the red one. Not sure its condition but it looks pretty good. The blue one is no longer on Craigs list. I wonder if that one sold. Anyone know???

Any new sightings? Still looking so if anyone has any sightings let me know. I did see one on ebay a black one but there is no way that car will ever be legal in California. I was also wonderng if anyone knows if the blue one in the pictures was sold. The ad was pulled off of Craigs list and wasnt sure if it ever sold.



My name is Jeff and I have a quite nice red with tan 1984 R5 T2. I might be willing to part with it to the right buyer at a fair price. It is very clean and straight with both the original factory wheels and Michelins near new and a new set of Compomotive Rally wheels just purchased from Tompsky Racing in England with of course all new rubber. This is just one on many cars in my collection and even though I very much enjoy the car there is always another new lady to add to the collection as space permits. You can reach me at

one for sale in new jersey, mint condition blue.. check out the sports and specialty cars website. its under classic cars. hope it helps

Thanks for the heads up!


Does anyone know if the white one from Burbank ever got sold; or any other white ones for sale for that matter! Thanks

[…] time to time in the classifieds, and in fact this one has come up on more than one occasion – appearing on the market for $35,000 a little more than a year ago. Like many near-exotics it’s current price reflects a […]

[…] time to time in the classifieds, and in fact this one has come up on more than one occasion – appearing on the market for $35,000 a little more than a year ago. Like many near-exotics it’s current price reflects a […]

Does a clown suit come with the cars?

what year is that car?

1980 Reanult R5 Turbo Blue… We are looking for offers. Email me if you want to see pictures. Car is working great…

To David,

I would be interested in learning more about your car for sale.