First post of 2013!

facebook I pretty much doubt anyone still monitors this blog but just in case, Happy New Year! My apologies for not being more active here but I find I do most of my microblogging on Facebook now. Feel free to join me if you like. But for some reason I woke up today wanting to blog and it got me to thinking about all the places I hang out online. It’s not like I dropped the internet or anything!
Dan Crouch on Twitter I’ve had a personal Twitter account for years and it still looks the same. It basically gets RSS fed links from Rare SportBikes and German Cars For Sale Blog. It’s on my list of to-do’s to get them their own pages one day but I hesitate when I think about the interaction required to do it right…
Dan Crouch Videos - YouTube I spend a lot more time on YouTube since we dumped cable. I miss HD sports but practically everything else I can get online one way or another. I don’t upload many videos but I do try to “like” stuff I enjoyed.
Battlefield 3 As you may have noticed from my YouTube likes, I am a Battlefield 3 addict. I’m not very good at it but it is such a great game with so many different ways to enjoy the game. And the graphics are stunning. I used to think $99 for a game was absurd but considering how much I play it’s a bargain. I don’t share much on Battlelog but if you play on PC you can stalk me now!
pinterest I’m trying out Pinterest, mostly to see if it’s viable for my other websites but it’s a great time waster to see what others are pinning too.