1977 Volkswagen Rabbit Track Day Car For Sale SOLD!

It is time to part with our faithful ‘77 Rabbit that has served as a great entry into amateur motorsports over the last 7+ years. We’ve done numerous track days at Portland International Raceway (where the Indy cars used to race), autocrosses, and several runs at the Larison Rock Hillclimb. Unfortunately the car has been … Continue reading “1977 Volkswagen Rabbit Track Day Car For Sale SOLD!”

Honda S2000 Update: Track Day #2

Back from another great track day with the Cascade Sports Car Club. This club is always well organized with good instructors. Turned out to be a nice late summer day with the temps touching the low 90’s, which provided fantastic grip! I’m really feeling very comfortable in the S2000 and despite all the internet folklore … Continue reading “Honda S2000 Update: Track Day #2”

Portland BMW Club Track Day Recap

Only one word needs to be used to describe this event: Wet. Perhaps even a better word to summarize the day would be Slippery… Paul and I were back to PIR only 6 days after our last appearance and things were going pretty smooth Friday night as we checked into our Motel 6 that was … Continue reading “Portland BMW Club Track Day Recap”

How to get Started in High Performance Drivers Training (Track Days)

Also known as Track Days, High Performance Drivers Training programs are becoming more and more popular in the U.S. Already very popular in Europe, the basic idea is to have professional instructors make you a better driver, in your own car, at a real race track. These are not races against other participants even though … Continue reading “How to get Started in High Performance Drivers Training (Track Days)”

Larison Rock 2009: Day 1 Report

Long story short, it has been my day. I tied my fastest time up the hill today — although Paul is right behind me with his best time ever at the ‘rock and is only 6 tenths behind me with a matching 2:13! But best of all, I just won the 50-50 raffle drawing for … Continue reading “Larison Rock 2009: Day 1 Report”

Our Track Rabbit in Grassroots Motorsports!!

The November issue of Grassroots Motorsports has our Track Rabbit image included with their article on Northwest Hillclimbs! Check out the ’77 Panama Brown Rabbit at the Larison Rock Hillclimb on page 151: Our first national press, WOOT WOOT! My time wasn’t that impressive and I was bested by my buddy Ed; and it was … Continue reading “Our Track Rabbit in Grassroots Motorsports!!”