Low Miles Mercedes 2.3-16 For Sale: Another TjRubley.com Success Story

Matt emailed me tonight to give me the heads up that his Merc 190 2.3-16 was for sale. Naturally I had spotted it on eBay earlier today and had it bookmarked to blog tonight. It seemed like deja vu, and it turns out it was as this car was listed earlier this year on dancrouchblog.com, and he was the high bidder.

To be honest, I’ve clicked back on my own post a number of times thinking to myself, “that was a damn good deal on really good looking car. Why didn’t I buy that?!” Maybe you’ve been thinking that too, and now you have your chance too.

I’ve got his car posted over at one of my new blogs, GermanCarsForSaleBlog.com

Good luck with the sale Matt!


Exceptionally Clean 2006 VW GTi 2.0T For Sale in Georgia

I can’t believe it, but Ed is selling his award-winning GTi 2.0T. This car practically has it’s own fan club on VWVortex. And yes, those are 19″ Maybach wheels filling the arches! A unique and powerful look. Read more about Ed’s GTi for sale on VWVortex:

quote from Vortex listing:

She has been a great car- no issues to speak of. All maintenance performed on time and with OEM or better parts (Oil changed every 5k with either Elf or Pentosin). My recent marriage has caused me to take a look at my priorities a bit, and unfortunately the GTI might not be best suited for my future plans.

I am including all of my modifications that I have done over the years, as well as all of the original parts I still have. Most of these parts were sourced through Hillside Imports of Portland, OR as well as much of the maintenance was performed there as well. I have receipts for everything (I think) which will be included in the sale. Please review the list of included items below.

There are many unique items on this vehicle that you won’t find on all the other vehicles you see out there. You can get a great car to just drive, or as a great platform to begin any additional projects.

I got my first drive in his car right after he had the Revo engine management software installed, and to say I was impressed was putting it lightly. Ed continued to tastefully upgrade his car using many European-market only specific parts that are difficult and costly to obtain. Parts that aren’t OEM are of only the best quality and execution. And if you weren’t already liking the sound of things, Ed is an obsessive compulsive automotive detailer. I would estimate he has probably two grand worth of Griot’s product in his garage at all times. And the GTi is always kept immaculate and polished as a result.

Obviously I’m doing my best to promote a close friends car. But it’s all true, and for $23k someone is going to get a well built, respected, show quality car.


1988 BMW e28 M5: Euro Conversion For Sale!

This car has received lots of love by someone who is very obviously a huge e28 fanatic! The time and effort to convert the front end isn’t that easy to do or source. The list of important maintenance makes the 108k miles a non-issue. And those recovered seats look fantastic!

1988 BMW e28 M5 Euro Conversion For Sale on Roadfly:

1988 BMW e28 M5 For Sale Euro1988 BMW e28 M5 For Sale Euro1988 BMW e28 M5 For Sale Black Leather

quote from ad:

1988 M5 Euro Conversion
108,146 miles

– Euro Bumper conversion (Brand new bumpers and all associated parts purchased from BMW, not some old rusty parts)
– Euro headlights w/working wipers and factory reservoir (Powder coated with new trim rings and Euro factory harness, not a butcher job)
– Euro turns and fogs (Brand new units purchased from BMW)
– Hartge replica front spoiler (Brand new)
– Zender rear valence
– New black leather front seats (Brand new leather)
– Crack free dash
– Strut braces on the front and rear shock towers
– Koni Sport (Yellow) adjustable front and rear dampers
– New spring pads
– New strut mount bearings front and rear
– Front camber plates
– H&R springs
– E34 M5 big brakes front and rear, powder coated black
– New rotors and pads front and rear
– New parking brake
– Dinan chip
– Rear headrests
– Metric Mechanic Sport Exhaust

I think the $17.5k asking price will scare off many casual onlookers. But for a true e28 M5 enthusiast, this M5 has just about everything you could want short of having a real euro import.

Like the black e28 but can’t swing the asking? You could go the opposite direction with this 85 535i for $1200 😀 Quite a swing in value considering they’re on the same platform!

Update: Also listed on Bring A Trailer


Low Miles 1988 Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio in Black

I haven’t posted an Alfa in a while and this one jumped off the .rss reader this morning:

1988 Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio For Sale on Craigslist (Oregon) 38k miles, $11k:

1988 Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio For Sale Black1988 Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio For Sale with Hardtop

quote from Craigslist listing:

1988 Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio Convertable, this is the top of the line model loaded…38k Org. miles, 5sp, 2L dual cam motor, leather, original hardtop w/glass windows. Comes w/car cover, cockpit cover, and manuals. Also gets good gas mil. I have the title. Must sell, separation sale… $12,000 obo

Anytime I start considering a Miata on perfect spring days, I find myself battling internally if an Alfa Spider would be a better buy. It’s classier, it has a pedigree, it’s got styling provided by Pininfarina, and it should have soul being Italian. $11k sounds a bit rich, but there can’t be many 88’s in this condition, with the hardtop, with such low miles left anywhere. And I have to say the Black is pretty fetching! What would you pay? Leave a comment!


1988 BMW e30 M3 For Sale in Black with less than 70k Miles

I’m shocked that there are no bids on this low mile car as of yet. Starting bid is $11k.

1988 BMW e30 M3 For Sale on eBay Motors (New Mexico)

BMW e30 M3 For Sale Interior Black LeatherBMW e30 M3 For Sale S14 Motor1988 BMW e30 M3 For Sale S14 Black Low Miles

quote from ebay post:

Up for sale is my 1988 BMW M3. This is a beautiful car. I have had the car for a little over two years now, in that two years I have only put 2000 miles on it. Over the last two years I have had the following things done to it, new wheels and tires(still have old ones if buyer wants them), had engine removed and resealed due to leaks,while engine was out it also received new timing chains and updated tensioner, spark plugs,filters,transmission mounts, driveshaft coupler, and new Sony cd player(still have old one if buyer wants it).


The pictures aren’t very flattering, but the car itself looks relatively clean. With 4 days to go I’ll be curious to see who the bidding progresses. Is there hope for under $20k?


Restored MK1 and MK2 GTi’s: These Are Real and Not for Kids

BringATrailer beat me to the punch featuring this great MK1 GTi for Sale on VWVortex (FL, $10.5k):

VW MK1 GTi For Sale White Restored

I had actually spotted this MK2 GTi, for sale by the same owner as the car above, this morning surfing the Vortex before work:

1992 Black GTI 2L 16 valve, 100% restored to factory correct specs (FL, $11.5k):

Volkswagen MK2 GTi 1992 2L 16V For Sale Black

A bunch of whining kids start piling on about how high the prices are on these cars in both threads. While the prices are potentially record setting, I have actively been on the lookout for a clean MK2 GTi or GLi and examples of decent quality often have asking prices of $5k+. The fact that these are FAR nicer than the decent one’s I’ve seen, they should command a significantly higher asking. And while the kids would love to own these, the kids that grew up with these cars can see the value and can actually afford to buy them. I doubt they’ll sell overnight, but an enthusiast or a creative investor will eventually step up.


1994 e34 BMW Touring 540i/6: A Conversion Worth Talking About

This e34 Touring 540i Sport has been for sale since at least this past winter when it first caught my eye on RoadFly. I like it a lot and the OEM modifications are very evident of a true enthusiast’s touch – and thousands of dollars to do right. But unfortunately, the price is high enough to surpass even 540i/6 prices in many cases. It might be able to command that kind of price if it were a factory offering, but in the end it’s a very well executed project car. And unfortunately the owner is obviously very honest, and even shows a handful of pictures pointing out the rust spots. While it appears to be surface rust, it is rust. Of course I’m spoiled in the Pacific Northwest, but this kind of price for a project would require a perfect representation in my opinion. Or the perfect fit buyer of course. You could do worse in some parts of the country for $10k, and therefore it might make sense for the right buyer. But I think this car is more attractive at $7k.

1994 BMW Touring 540i/6 Conversion – Owners Personal Site with lots of pictures

1994 BMW e34 Touring 540i/6 Conversion For Sale
1994 BMW e34 Touring 540i/6 Conversion For Sale Door Picture
1994 BMW e34 Touring 540i/6 Conversion For Sale 6 Speed


Two more great looking BMW e30 M3’s For Sale

Thanks to Anthony for giving me the heads up on this really nicely looked after 1988 Alpine White e30 M3 For Sale in San Francisco:

1988 BMW e30 M3 For Sale on SF Craigstlist ($21k, 85k miles):
bmw e30 m3 for sale1988 BMW Alpine White e30 M3 For SaleAlpine White M3 For Sale S14

Up for sale is my beloved 1988 M3. She only has approximately 85k miles on it and it runs great (especially with the Dinan chip). The title is clear (meaning it is not salvage) and it has clean car fax.
I did not spare any cost from her so there are many new parts on my car. Some were part of necessary maintenance but some were changed just so I have peace of mind (plus I am little anal about my cars).

It’s a shame that price doesn’t include the AC Schnitzer rims shown in the photo’s, but otherwise I really like the interior upgrades and overall condition.

And here’s another nice looking example for sale right here in Portland:

1988 BMW e30 M3 in Red w/ 78k miles for $18.5k on Roadfly:
Red e30 M3 For Sale in Portland, Oregon1988 BMW e30 M3 For Sale Rede30 m3 S14 Motor

Selling red 1990 E30 M3 with tan interior. The car has 79K miles on the odometer, and comes with extensive maintenance records. The following has been done within the last 4K miles:
New suspension (Bilstein sport shocks and Ireland Stage 3 springs)
New aluminum shock mounts
Added rear and front strut bars
Added new fog lights
New steel brake lines
New brake pads
New oil baffle
Added E34 M5 polished rims
New Yokohama ES100 tires (235/40ZR-17)

These both look like really nice, enthusiast owned cars. Dare I say they look like good values considering the e30 M3 market?


1989 Yamaha FZR600 for $2200 – Is this my old bike?

1989 Yamaha FZR600 on Corvallis Craigslist for $2200:Yamaha FZR 600 1989 Black1989 Yamaha FZR600 For Sale CraigslistYamaha FZR For SaleIt couldn’t be right?  This bike is exactly like my first bike, seen here in the scanned archives:


I originally bought mine 10 or 11 years ago for $2300, which was one of the most irresponsible financial decisions of my youth. And also one of the most fun and rewarding. And this one actually has both mirrors! Mine was owned by a bunch of kids who beat her hard and laid it over on one side. It was scratched the entire time I owned, and since I could barely afford to even own it, she got minimal care to say the least.

As I got closer to graduation, I decided I needed a car for interviews in Portland. Paul and I worked out a trade and some cash for his 84 Jetta GLi, and he really showed the bike some love that she had never seen before. The panels all came off and Paul took care of the rash I never did. He painted it black but didn’t replace the pricey side stickers, which were something like nearly $200 per side. He did some nice striping and added some logo’s and it looked great. And he sourced a carbon fiber D&D (or was it Two Brothers Racing) exhaust canister that sounded exactly like we were at Sonomafest for the races. I’m hoping he has pictures he can scan because he did a really nice job.

Paul rode that bike a lot while he owned it, including a round trip to Kansas which includes a story about getting caught in a hail storm! But I don’t think it crossed 30k miles.

Seeing this bike here in Corvallis where Paul sold it years back makes me think it might not be a coincidence. Maybe someone finally ponied up for the original decals (though they didn’t add the red stripe like mine had). But considering it’s been at least 6 years since we last saw her, I’d say it’s not entirely unlikely that someone put 3-4k miles on it a years and it’s the same bike.

I may have to contact the seller just to see… I hope it doesn’t follow me home!


1970 Porsche 911T For Sale on the Cheap!

It’s true, there’s almost as much to be skeptical of as there is to be excited about. But the fact remains, it’s a 1970 Porsche 911T with a buy-it-now for only $8500 (MD):

1970 Porsche 911T

It was initially an Oregon car that was converted to 1977 style, ”short nose” from a “long nose”. The conversion was done correctly.


•Rust free on exterior and suspension points
•Rare factory Sunroof
•Power windows
•SC flares
•Front chin spoiler
•H4 headlights
•The gauges are from the 1970 911T, all are number type gauges for oil pressure & temperature
•Comes with a CD ignition box
•17 inch ARE (BBS look alike) wheels – 7s & 8s with fairly new Kumho tires
•Black head liner
•1977 interior style door panels
•1977 2.7 liter CIS engine with 54K miles on the motor
•901 transmission with A, F, M, S, X gearing


•Paint is fair, good from 25 feet, there are many layers of paint on this car
•Radio is lousy
•1970 struts with new shocks and 1970 brake calipers
•Windshield has a small semi-circular crack that will not grow any larger
•The oil level gauge and clock do not work
•The dash is a “dash cover” type

Lots of mods, not original, not matching numbers, layers of paint… But relatively low miles for the year, PNW car (mostly rust free I expect) and only 54k miles on the motor makes me think this sub $10k car is worth a look regardless of the red flags.