1984 Renault Turbo 2 For Sale on eBay

Yet another Renault Turbo 2 has been put up for auction on eBay. Check out this 1984 Renault R5 Turbo 2 for sale in Georgia:

1984 Renault R5 Turbo 2 For Sale in Georgia1984 Renault R5 Turbo 2 For Sale1984 Renault R5 Turbo 2 For Sale in Georgia

quote from seller’s eBay listing:

1984 Renault R5 Turbo 2 Street/Track. Beautifully restored and ready for tearing up the twisties. Originally imported and Federalized by Sun International and then further developed for SCCA competition.

Complete Restoration with minimal miles
Only SCCA legal R5 Turbo in U.S. (so I’m told)
260HP Rogers Racing TVTV Engine-Leakdown less than 5% on all cylinders 2/3/09
Pierre Ferry large capacity intercooler
Water and oil cooled blueprinted turbo with separate oil cooling (Earl’s radiator)
4:11 LSD transaxle
Renault Sport race clutch
Group B Renault Sport suspension
Bilstein adjustable coilovers front & rear
Polyurethane Suspension Bushings
Earl’s Oil Cooler
All Steel Braided Lines (oil, clutch, brake, fuel)
Group B frame braces and chassis modifications
SCCA legal cage
Safety Devices 15G fuel cell
Autometer gauges
Adjustable boost


Exceptional performance is generated by the light weight of the car, the modified engine, and the 4:11 LSD. The combination of a stiffened chassis and the Group B suspension make for flat cornering with controllable but large amounts of power on oversteer…an absolute riot to drive!

The Rogers Racing TVTV engine has been completely blueprinted, has steel cylinder liners, a specially modified high lift camshaft, heavy duty valve springs, head modifications, and a modified fuel and ignition system. Leakdown was just checked (2/3/09) and the leakage was less than 5% on all cylinders.

This car is obviously far from stock, but looks like it has some well thought out improvements to make it a strong track day candidate.

I know there are several subscribers who have their eyes open for a T2. If I had spotted this one a bit sooner, I would’ve offered to check it out as I’m currently on vacation in Atlanta. Next time fellas 😉


Update: This listing is very out of date. Why not check out one of these R5’s on eBay right now:

[AffomaticEbay]Renault R5[/AffomaticEbay]

Weekend Wrap Up: Posts from GermanCarsForSaleBlog and RareSportbikesForSale

Here are my picks for this week’s online classifieds highlights:

1970 Atlantik Blue BMW 2002 w/ 18k Original Miles For Sale

1970 BMW 2002 Atlantik Blue For Sale

Unreal mileage, and the car is actually located right here in Oregon, in Eugene! The seller has the car consigned in Germany with 2-Shores and here is his explanation:

I consigned with 2 Shores for two reasons. First, I think the car will bring more money. European buyers are snapping up rust-free US cars and the Euro exchange rate is a huge help. Second, Jurgen is very well connected and has an excellent reputation.

Wow is the only word that describes this example. And even more so the thirst for clean examples abroad. I’ve been invited to take a look and if it’s still for sale after our vacation, I’ll have to do so!

Check out the other beautiful examples for sale via 2-Shores.

Good luck with the sale Blair W, and please update us with your sale!


1976 Volvo 242DL For Sale in Germany on the Cheap – And I’m Going on Vacation!

Why would I be surfing eBay Motors Germany for classic cars? Because I’m going on a glorious 2 week vacation to Germany on Wednesday! Check out this great looking 1976 Volvo 242 I spotted on German eBay Motors:

1976 Volvo 242 BlueVolvo 242 For SaleVolvo 242DL For Sale in Germany

Der Motor hat eine eingetragene Leistung von 96 kw / 131 PS

und durch den Sport-Fächerkrümmer und die 2 1/2 Zoll Simsons-Anlage erhöht sich die Leistung auf ca.103-106 kw bzw. 140- 145 PS.

Weitere Highlights sind:

Orginal Sportlenkrad von Volvo R-Sport ( siehe Foto`s )

Orginal und über 20 Jahre alte Historische Sportsitze der Firma König in Blau mit orangenen Streifen ( siehe Foto´s ).

Auch Bestandteil der Auktion sind die Fondmetall-Felgen ( siehe Foto´s Nr.: 5 + 12 ) in 7 x 15 ET 20 und der Bereifung 225/50 R 15 91W –

2x FULDA Carat Extremo 3- 4mm DOT 1601 und 2x TOYO Proxes 5- 6mm DOT 4904.

Der Volvo macht auf Grund seiner Leistung und des geänderten Fahrwerks richtig Spass zu fahren

( absolut Spurtreu und einfach zu fahren selbst bei hoher Geschwindigkeit – 180 kmh ).

Er ist dadurch absolut Alltagstauglich.

Der Verbrauch liegt je nach Fahrweise zwischen 9 – 11 Ltr. dank Overdrive und ist ein Auto mit dem man mit ca. 140 kmh. relaxt über die Autobahn fahren kann.

Der Volvo kann jederzeit nach Terminabsprache besichtigt werden.

Currently the auction is at a mere 251 Euros, but it’s got to be worth more than that!! Naturally, I’ll have import dreams and aspirations filling my head while I’m there, so I’ll take lots of pictures!

I’ve recently learned that I’ll be without internet for most of the trip. So while I’m gone, I’ve handed over the blog to 6 fellow dancrouchblog.com enthusiasts. Enjoy the fresh perspective and comment on what you liked and what you didn’t. I appreciate the feedback!

Back in few weeks,


1975 BMW 2002 Turbo Conversion: Magazine Worthy

This turbo converted 1975 BMW 2002 on eBay has been previously featured in European Car magazine:

1975 BMW 2002BMW 2002 Turbo For Sale1975 BMW 2002 For Sale

1975 BMW 2002 Turbo / M10 Turbo Engine

This car has been featured in the December 1995 European car magazine, and the November 1998 issue of Turbo and High Tech Performance magazine. It has won numerous car show awards and race events. Before I purchased this California car, it had undergone a complete mechanical and cosmetic restoration, there are a few nicks here and there but otherwise beautiful. I recently purchase a new motor for this car which has less than 1000 miles on it, still being broken in. The Mitsubishi Blue and Porsche Silver paint scheme give the car a longer, lower appearance- yet it still passes for a nicely restored stock 02 and can be used as a daily driver. This is the ultimate driving machine… there is no area of the car’s performance that has not been upgraded.
Top speed over 150 mph, 0-60 around 5 sec, ¼ mile times 13.2 @108mph (with the previous motor…I have not Dyno’d or completed the break-in of the new motor, but we increased the the hp by roughly 25).

Current bid is $11k reserve not met. Considering what other BMW 2002’s have sold for that I’ve referenced on this blog, I’m guessing at best $15k on this one. If the car is still as sharp as it was in the article from years ago, maybe a few thousand higher. Any other guesses out there? Leave a comment!

Stunning car! With a 13 second quarter mile and all the right suspension bits, this car is serious competition at any track day!

Update: Car did not meet reserve at $15.6k.


1969 Porsche 912 w/ 160hp Upgrade

There’s a lot to like about this $15k Porsche 912 on The Samba:

Porsche 912 For Sale1969 Porsche 912 The SambaEarly 911 For Sale Porsche 912

[…] This is truly an amazing opportunity to experience a gorgeous, tight handling 912 but with gobs of extra horsepower that a factory 912 driver could only dream of! I bought this car with the original engine (which is still in great condition) and it is certainly included in the sale. But when I step on the pedal, I want to hear that throaty exhaust roar while being pushed back into my seat! Consequently I had a brand new 2.3 liter VW engine custom built and installed with all the latest improvements including full flow filter and external cooling systems (over $8,000 with no expense spared). It really showed on the dyno, showing 160 hp and over 170 lbs. of torque. The engine is less than a year old and has about 10,000 miles on it.
This car has been gone over with a fine tooth comb! […]

First, it looks a lot like the uber expensive early 911’s at a fraction of the cost. Second, it shows well with a lot of shove regardless of the fact that it’s not based on the 356/912 motor. Third, it does include the original motor fully rebuilt!

Normally I’d think a car like this would be very reasonable for $10-12k. But with the stock motor rebuilt and included with the sale, which could easily be valued at well over $3k if done correctly, makes this a good buy in my mind.