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1970 Porsche 911 For Sale Under $20k in California

I think I may have found another candidate for Eric, who’s looking for an early Porsche 911 driver for under $20k. Check out this 1970 Porsche 911 For Sale on Craigslist:

1970 Porsche 911 For Sale in Silver on Black1970 Porsche 911 For Sale in Silver on Black1970 Porsche 911 For Sale in Silver on Black1970 Porsche 911 For Sale

quote from seller’s Craigslist posting:

This is an amazing car that has been covered and stored in a dry So Cal. garage for 15 years. It has the 2.2L engine with dual Zenith carbs. About a year ago, I replaced the fluids, got two new batteries, replaced some fuel pump and line and started it up. I then pumped up the tires and drove directly to my local Porsche specialist. They rebuilt the carbs, did full tune up, rebuilt brakes and changed lines, installed water shields, replaced exhaust return tubes and conducted a general safety inspection. Next were four new Kumo 205/60 15’s and an Audio Shoppe custom installed Pioneer P4900 IB CD deck (detachable face and Ipod ready) and 4 speakers. It’s been back to the mechanic for a few adjustments since, but that is the major work done. Since then I hve put on about 900 trouble free miles. It has a period aftermarket steering wheel with Porsche emblem.. and the horn works! The original manual, full set of service manuals and tool kit bag.

Now for the other side of the coin. The car backfires something fierce when down shifting. Mechanic says it’s a timing issue. It has the Marelli distributer and needs to be converted to the Bosch. That will allow the timing to be set properly and should cure the problem. Only the seals that could be reached with the engine in the car were changed. It leaks a bit (most do) but new seals won’t hurt. Paint is not original, but a very good match, I think it was painted in 1979 or so. It has a couple paint dings, the biggest is in the right rear quarter (a slight crease about 2 inches long). The dash has a couple of cracks, the headliner is a bit dingy and the right turn signal works every other day or so.

All in all a VERY GOOD car, and with a little more attention would be a GREAT car.

The previous spot I had for Eric was $15k but needed paint. This car likely needs some freshening from the long time it sat, but the paint should be good (though maybe not original color or quality). Worth a look as early 911’s still show good value and are rarely spotted at this price… for now.


Automotive Classifieds of Interest German Cars For Sale

Buy a Porsche 914 For a Good Cause

I stumbled on to this Craigslist posting for a Porsche 914 that is being sold to fund chemo treatment for the family dog, Pippen:

1973 Porsche 914 For Sale Interior View Good Cause1973 Porsche 914 For Sale Black Appearance Group3na3m03od11a12113c8cp7d5475a11ec01ef83k73pf3l71fc1271gc8cpc82fa0f4c4a719e6

quote from seller’s listing:

I am using the money to pay for my dogs Chemo-Therapy. My cat is in love with her (see pic below). The other is her as a puppy. Must Sell. Please make me an offer. Thank you.

Please visit for details.

Beautiful 1973 Porsche 914 for sell, not trade. It is a 1.7 liter with a clear title. The vehicle looks real good for its age. It is a restoration vehicle and a lot of work has been done to the vehicle already. The inside could use some TLC. I have original paperwork on all work completed (by a shop) on the vehicle since 1987. There has been approximately 3 owners. We believe the 77,000 miles on the car are original, according to the dealer we bought the car from years ago; I have no paperwork to suggest either way.

Some of the work done on vehicle since 1987: Replaced Clutch – 1987; Transmission Repaired & Replaced Main Shaft – 1987; Clutch Kit – 1999; Alternator Exchanged – 1999; Replaced Front/Rear Struts – 2000; Transmission Serviced – 2002; Bosch Rebuilt Starter – 2002; Replaced Front Brake Pads – 2003; Replaced Voltage Regulator & Alternator Belt – 2003; Updated Stereo w/Speakers – 2003; Replaced fuel hoses coming from tank (tank seals are in great condition) – 2008.

The missus and I are dog owners ourselves and we’ve been fortunate not to have any serious issues with our dog, Sam. We couldn’t help but try to assist in spreading the word about this story. If you’re in the market for a 914 in the Pacific Northwest, this might make for an easy decision under the circumstances.


Automotive Classifieds of Interest German Cars For Sale

1985 BMW e28 535i: Our New Family Car

We’ve been on the prowl for a modern classic, affordable, sporting German car for a while now. And while we were pretty sure an MK2 GTi or GLi would fit the bill, we couldn’t find one close enough to justify a trip to check out, and those that looked promising were $4-6k believe it or not! Not to mention perfect cars were even more amazing!

My wife has been more and more impatient with our Golf recently and was really ready to shop. Being my favorite hobby of all time, I was on the job. But nothing in the 100 mile radius really tickled our interest as much as the following Portland Craigslist ad did this past week:

535 series BMW

BMW e28 Rear Seat Leather Black1985 BMW 535i Gray1985 BMW 535i Gray

535 Series BMW 1985 535 Series BMW *Excellent Condition***Very Clean One owner**

* All service records and original MSRP available

**This car is a must see**

The Good: It was owned for 21 years by a doctor and the sale included an eye popping $28k in maintenance receipts. Not a misprint; twenty eight thousand dollars!! It also includes the original MSRP from the Portland BMW dealership for well over $30k! This car was all stock in their care and nearly any issue or service item was done at the dealership. Almost everything works on the car, except of course for the onboard computer. Most of the 200k miles on this car are well looked after.

The Bad: The past 3-4 years of history on the car are sketchy. Someone junked the stock TRX wheels in favor of e36 M3 alloys. While they look good, I’m not sure they’re fitted correctly. And the front suspension bushings, alignment, and wear items are all feeling like they need attention. The front seats are also feeling really loose, and the driver’s side leans heavily to the left. The exhaust also has holes in it.

While this post would be cooler if it was a perfect car and a 5 speed, I think it’s a car that was rescued at the right time by the right new owners. Even if another $2k needs to be spent immediately, it’s amazingly clean over all. We’ll have a great car that has a ton of style and is a real pleasure to drive. Even with the suspension on the questionable side, the corning is very flat and easy to control. The seating position is great, and the car has some guts too!

Look for e28 project updates in future posts!


Automotive Classifieds of Interest German Cars For Sale

1988 Porsche 928S4: White on White Special

After going up to Portland and back a few times by rental car in the past few months, I find myself seriously regretting the sale of the e36 m3. It handled this duty so well, and the Dodge Avenger rental car… Well it’s a pile of shit in comparison except that it’s nearly brand new. I have no other words of praise for it.

So naturally while hanging out on the Portland I-5 parking lot coming back from Webvisions, I fantasized about eating up back road in a comfortable German sports touring machine. Not new of course, because that’s not reality. A modern classic, used German car, in the $10-15k range. AKA “the so affordable range, you could get one at a moment’s notice.” Or so I always care to believe!

Naturally I hit to check out all the west coast listings for a German Tourer. First up:

1988 Porsche 928 S4 in Portland, Oregon for $10.5k on Craigslist

White 1988 Porsche 928 S4 For Sale1988 Porsche 928S4 For Sale White Leather InteriorPorsche Linen White Leather Interior 928S4

The Exterior Paint Is Original & In Very Good Condition Without Dents Or Door Dings. The Interior Is Near Perfect With Only Minor Warping On the Right Rear Panel. The Dash & Pod Are Flawless.

The Car Comes As Shown and Priced With Porsche Factory 993 Cup Wheels. I Will Reduce to $10,500 With Stock Slotted Wheels. New Price Reflects Brand New Shocks With Ride Height Adjustment and Alignment.

I know 928’s are maintenance nightmares, but they are so sexy. And the one I drove years ago was a 1984 928S model. It was a very comfortable car, but with a terrible 3 speed auto transmission. This car being a later model 1988 year and an S4 features much more horsepower, and 4 speed auto. This combination should really make this car much more alive. And the white on white, while very Miami Vice, still appeals to me as a product child of the 80’s. It’s already a standout car; why not make the interior just as eye popping?!

This car has important recent maintenance and looks sharp with the 993 rims for $11.5k. If you can handle the couture interior, this looks attractive to me!

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1966 Austin Healey Sprite: Perfect Winter Project to Finish by Spring

I used to own a 1968 MG Midget that looked almost exactly like this car, including the flat brick red paint 😀

1966 Austin Healey Sprite for $3k on Craigslist

1966 Austin Healey SpriteAustin Healey Sprite For Sale

1966 Austin-Healey Sprite, runs and drives. Rebuilt motor with slight over bore to 1299cc. New SU carbs. Slightly hot cam. Rebuilt 4 speed. Needs paint and some minor body work. Have interior kit, ready to be installed. Steel wheels and 2nd set of race wheels.

I’ll bet there’s some haggle room in that price too. With a paint job and some minor TLC, this looks like it could be a great little ride by spring.