My First Product Review: Nokia HF-510 Speakerphone

First of all I want to thank WOMWorld for giving me the opportunity to make my first ever product review blog post. It was really fun trying out the two devices and I appreciate you reaching out!

The product I was asked to review was the Nokia HF-510 Bluetooth speakerphone. With it they sent a Nokia N97 in white to test with. As soon as they arrived, I opened them both up and my immediate impression was that they were both very good looking and well made products.

My plan was to get the speakerphone out to my car as soon as possible to test everything out. But then my mechanic called and told me he had an opening to service my car that week and would need the car. All week. Not to mention it was raining anyway and I wanted a sunny day to photograph and video the speakerphone in action.

So in the meantime I swapped the SIM card from my Blackberry Curve to the N97 to try it on for that week. My initial impression was a bit soured when the back cover didn’t snap in flush to the phone. Doing some research online thinking I was putting it on wrong revealed that this is a common problem for the device. Too bad because the overall fit and finish of the device was really nice – beautiful screen, nice weight, and good materials. The action of sliding the screen back to reveal the keyboard had an especially nice solid and click into place feeling.

In brief, I’d say the N97 was a good smart phone but I can tell I’m now a full-on Blackberry addict. While the Curve is quite outdated compared to the N97, the menu navigation is much more intuitive. For instance, I’ve become quite accustomed to typing in the first few letters of a contact on file to call, and felt constricted on the N97. You can set up contact icons for those you call most often, but my list of commonly called would really exceed what was practical for this menu. Maybe there is a faster way to do this, but in my limited time with phone I didn’t find it by just looking around. I was also excited to try out the touch-screen on the N97, but found it very sensitive and often felt like my fingers were just too big for the interface.

That said, it was a joy to surf YouTube videos and enjoy the high quality screen and playback. The backlit keys were also really nice at night. The wifi connectivity was also very welcomed as my Curve doesn’t have this feature and the difference in speed is considerable. It also has a nice camera built in that took pretty good images. Here is the before and after of lasagna I made for my friends Pat and Steph:

Picture of Lasagna taken with Nokia N97 Picture of Lasagna taken with Nokia N97

The real bad news for U.S. customers is that if the N97 appeals to you, I wasn’t able to find a major carrier here that offered this phone in a package. As such you’ll need to buy an unlocked phone at full price. Amazon is currently listing the phone for $512.94

On to the HF-510 speakerphone, this was also a nicely put together device. It has a great looking LCD display on the front that makes it pretty easy to see what you’re doing, even in full sunlight. It also features a simple menu navigation via the main button on the front and the outer wheel that spins around the outside of the device to scroll through options.

Unfortunately my review of this device came at the very end of my trial period due to scheduling issues on my end, and my review of the actual device was quite short. That said, I was able to put together the following first time set up video for the two devices. Be kind folks, it’s my first attempt at one of these:

As you may have noticed, the actual use of the device during a call was quite limited. I have to admit that I’m not a regular user of speakerphones and it wasn’t totally intuitive to me on how to use these devices together. I have since figured out what I was doing wrong, but by the time that revelation occurred it was time to send the devices back. Long story short, don’t touch the phone once in the car and synced. Almost any interaction with the phone when connected to the speakerphone will result in phone reverting back to the active device — which of course defeats the whole purpose. I’m sure that I would’ve figured this out after the first day with more use, and I expect that it would’ve resulted in trouble free use.

In conclusion, I really liked the build quality, ease of installation, and easy to read display (which didn’t show well in the video, but looked great in person). Had I spent more time with the device and owner’s manual before getting in the car, I could’ve probably had everything setup as desired in an hour. And with Oregon’s new hands-free only law, it will definitely help drivers stay connected, safe, and lawful.

Amazon has the Nokia HF-510 listed for a very reasonable $70.35

Thank you again to WOMWorld for the opportunity to review these devices and try my hand at a review.

Dan Crouch

{FTC note: these products were used on a trial basis for two weeks and sent back to WOMWorld after that. There was no monetary compensation for this review. -dc}

Zeintop + Early Boxster = Budget Cayman

I had never heard of this hardtop option before, but check out this really cool aftermarket option from Zeintec. It’s called the Zeintop and by removing a couple panels from your early first generation Boxster, it fits in place like a hard top but also incorporates a hatchback design that utilizes the stock trunk area. The result is remarkably similar in design and look of the much newer Porsche Cayman.

Porsche Boxster with ZeintopPorsche Boxster with ZeintopPorsche Boxster with Zeintop Hatch Open

And according to this thread on Pelican Parts, there is a promotion offer right now that prices the top at around $3k! Mix in a low miles, second hand Boxster like this one, and viola, a budget Cayman for around $20k:

1998 Boxster White For Sale1998 Boxster White For Sale

quote from seller’s Craigslist posting in San Francisco:

1998 Porsche Boxster-17,500mi-Original Owner-Very Clean – $15500 (saratoga)


This white, 1998 Porsche Boxster is offered with less than 17,500 miles. I’m the original Owner of this beauty and kept the Boxster in the garage. It is an instant classic. Its extremely clean. Enjoy the thrill and excitement of your new Boxster.

As most readers have noticed, I’m watching used Boxsters and this sure looks like a really interesting option!


Weekend Wrap Up: Posts from GermanCarsForSaleBlog and RareSportbikesForSale

Here are my picks for this week’s online classifieds highlights:

1965 Volvo 544 For Sale in Corvallis

I spotted this car a couple of weeks ago on the side of the road with the for sale sign in the window. As a previous owner of three Volvo’s (144S, 145S, 244) I was intrigued. But I also recall that my Dad had one of these very early 544’s when he was in college, and since it’s his birthday today, I figured all the more appropriate.

Happy 63 Dad! Let me know if I should pick it up on the way home tonight 😉


Update on a Great Find: 1985 BMW Alpina B9

1985 BMW Alpina B9

I originally posted this Alpina as a car I spotted for sale on eBay. I noted the condition wasn’t perfect but it was an Alpina B9 for sale in the U.S. Todd recently emailed me the following:

I just want to drop a quick note to show you how the 85 B9 Alpina that you featured in June 06 turned out. The car won the BMWCCA Peachtree Chapter Concourse in 07 and actually turned out to be a great find. The original paint was reconditioned and the original leather interior was salvaged as
well. The car is now undergoing a complete undercarriage detail along with reconditioning the worn suspension and mechanical components.

I have attached a few pictures of the car as in the ebay add along with current pictures.


I was really worried when I first saw the car and thought it actually looked better in the pictures but I had to tell myself that it was an Alpina and not just a BMW. I was preparing to do a repaint and had removed all the trim and bumpers when I decided to try and salvage the original paint. What did I have to loose? Anyway, I was very surprised and pleased with the way it transformed.

{I’m having issues making the Flickr gallery work, so I’m just going to post all the pics 😀 }

Alpina pass seat1 alpina frontside alpina side

1985 BMW Alpina B9

1985 BMW Alpina B9

1985 BMW Alpina B9

1985 BMW Alpina B9

1985 BMW Alpina B9

1985 BMW Alpina B9

1985 BMW Alpina B9

A success story, and for an Alpina no less! Congrats on your purchase and resurrection Todd! The car looks fantastic!


In Memorial: 1995 BMW e36 M3

bmw e36 m3 in the fog

I saw my old e36 M3 drive by me yesterday, and I was instantly depressed. It looked great and still wears all the upgrades I had applied, especially the Stromung exhaust upgrade.

So as I cried myself to sleep last night wondering why I had let this one go, I went through old directories scouring up unpublished pics. Some are actually duplicates, some are new, and the image above was created last night from an old photo. It’s a bit over the top in terms of post-processing, but it was fun to make. Hope you enjoy,


Super Low Miles BMW e30 M3 For Sale: As in only 4k Miles!

BaT has once again spotted an amazing e30 M3, but this time, it’s a museum piece with only 4k miles!

Museum BMW e30 M3 Alpine For Sale

The asking price is $59,500. Yes it’s alot, but as stated in their post, this could be the lowest mileage, privately held, e30 M3 in existence.

Question of the day: If you woke up and found $60k in your account earmarked for an M3, would you buy the original in like new condition, or would you buy a brand new e92? Leave a comment with your choice.


Restored MK1 and MK2 GTi’s: These Are Real and Not for Kids

BringATrailer beat me to the punch featuring this great MK1 GTi for Sale on VWVortex (FL, $10.5k):

VW MK1 GTi For Sale White Restored

I had actually spotted this MK2 GTi, for sale by the same owner as the car above, this morning surfing the Vortex before work:

1992 Black GTI 2L 16 valve, 100% restored to factory correct specs (FL, $11.5k):

Volkswagen MK2 GTi 1992 2L 16V For Sale Black

A bunch of whining kids start piling on about how high the prices are on these cars in both threads. While the prices are potentially record setting, I have actively been on the lookout for a clean MK2 GTi or GLi and examples of decent quality often have asking prices of $5k+. The fact that these are FAR nicer than the decent one’s I’ve seen, they should command a significantly higher asking. And while the kids would love to own these, the kids that grew up with these cars can see the value and can actually afford to buy them. I doubt they’ll sell overnight, but an enthusiast or a creative investor will eventually step up.


1988 Porsche 928S4: White on White Special

After going up to Portland and back a few times by rental car in the past few months, I find myself seriously regretting the sale of the e36 m3. It handled this duty so well, and the Dodge Avenger rental car… Well it’s a pile of shit in comparison except that it’s nearly brand new. I have no other words of praise for it.

So naturally while hanging out on the Portland I-5 parking lot coming back from Webvisions, I fantasized about eating up back road in a comfortable German sports touring machine. Not new of course, because that’s not reality. A modern classic, used German car, in the $10-15k range. AKA “the so affordable range, you could get one at a moment’s notice.” Or so I always care to believe!

Naturally I hit to check out all the west coast listings for a German Tourer. First up:

1988 Porsche 928 S4 in Portland, Oregon for $10.5k on Craigslist

White 1988 Porsche 928 S4 For Sale1988 Porsche 928S4 For Sale White Leather InteriorPorsche Linen White Leather Interior 928S4

The Exterior Paint Is Original & In Very Good Condition Without Dents Or Door Dings. The Interior Is Near Perfect With Only Minor Warping On the Right Rear Panel. The Dash & Pod Are Flawless.

The Car Comes As Shown and Priced With Porsche Factory 993 Cup Wheels. I Will Reduce to $10,500 With Stock Slotted Wheels. New Price Reflects Brand New Shocks With Ride Height Adjustment and Alignment.

I know 928’s are maintenance nightmares, but they are so sexy. And the one I drove years ago was a 1984 928S model. It was a very comfortable car, but with a terrible 3 speed auto transmission. This car being a later model 1988 year and an S4 features much more horsepower, and 4 speed auto. This combination should really make this car much more alive. And the white on white, while very Miami Vice, still appeals to me as a product child of the 80’s. It’s already a standout car; why not make the interior just as eye popping?!

This car has important recent maintenance and looks sharp with the 993 rims for $11.5k. If you can handle the couture interior, this looks attractive to me!

Check out other Porsche Cars For Sale Posted on


Lots of e30 M3 Goodness For Sale this Spring

Here’s a gray market 323i that sold while I was gone. Very cool and original upgrades:

1985 EURO BMW E30 323i with Alpina / Zender C1 2.3 M3 on eBay (Dallas, Sold for $5200):

1985 BMW 323i Alpina Zender

Offered here for sale is one very rare and collectible 1985 EURO BMW E30 323i with an Alpina / Zender C1 2.3 package, based on BMW’s 323i (E30 body style)

This car was purchased new in Europe Germany at the time, and then imported it to the US. The car was federalized in the USA. The service was done not long ago as well (all fluids being changed, the sparks and wires replaced, new hoses, new exhaust, etc.). It is a Texas car with no rust, shinny paint and it is registered in Texas. German tags all around, never wreck. The car is registered in Texas as a 1985 323i. This Bimmer has new upholstery. Original German front plate. The plastic and moldings are complete and in great shape. I have owned MANY e30 and e30 M3 and I never seen a cleanest and tightest e30 like this car. The interior is extra clean as well as the bay engine. No weird noises, and is really strong and very responsive when driving

This car has the following Alpina or Schnitzer parts installed: 323i-based 6-cylinder engine, limited-slip finned-cover differential, super light weight BBS 7Jx15″ wheels (two pieces) , Alpina wheels emblems, Zender front fiberglass spoiler, Zender rear spoiler, and Schnitzer Side skirts. Front and rear Alpina emblem, sport springs, shocks and struts. Alpina Racing gear box with close-ratio 5-speed transmission, fuel injection system, ZF slip diff, center muffler, twin rear mufflers, instrument cluster in km(106.300) not miles, wiper and washer headlight kit. Power windows, power mirrors, power sunroof. New light tint windows, yellow beams. It is equipped with sport suspension; German Bleinstein shocks and sport short springs. Alpina rare fender turn signals. Momo gear knob. Sony exploid stereo (I rather to have the original but I bought the cat with that stereo).

I’ve also noticed quite a few enticing BMW’s on that have been listed on RoadFly. They have not one, two, or three sweet e30 M3’s, but several other cool BMW’s as well. Here are a few pics:

e30 m3 for salebmw e30 for salem3 for salee30 m3 for sale