1977 Volkswagen Rabbit Track Day Car

This is a car that Paul and I built for dedicated club days, and we hope to enter as many track days, autocrosses and hillclimbs as we can afford!

For now, I’ll let the spec sheet do the talking:

  • 2.0l bottom end, 1.8l 16v top end
  • K & N Filtration
  • Techtonics Race Downpipe and Race Exhaust (not a sleeper!)
  • 9A Close Ratio Transmission, Sachs clutch, Volkswagen Motorsport Flywheel
  • Falken Azenis Sport Tires (scca spec)
  • Full Rear Disc conversion at the rear (soon to be removed)
  • Willwood proportioning valves
  • Autotech Stressbars and Swaybars w/ Eurethane bushings
  • H & R Cup Kit
  • H4 lighting w/ city lights
  • Rabbit GTi front airdam and European Bumpers
  • Sparco Evo II race bucket w/ Schroth Harnesses
  • And all kinds of other stuff I’m momentarily forgetting!


4_30_06_Walk_and_VW_afternoon 011 (Medium)

Rabbit Track Car Flickr Gallery
2005 Audi Club Track Day – The Rabbit gets to sing for 2 full days, with back to back sessions with two drivers!
Larison Rock 2005 – Paul and I hit Larison Rock. What a great event!

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I’m getting ready to prepare a 1979 Rabbit for NASA’s PT class. The car was originally built to ICSSC (Conference) GP rules. I’m looking for some good sources of “go fast” parts for the older Rabbits – iIt’s been more than 12 years since I last did any mods to it. Also, do you have any suggestions for spring rates and anti-roll bar sizes? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Thanks for the help.


P.S. I see that your first picture is of PIR. I started my racing at PIR 19 years ago.


Sounds like a great project! We’ve been really impressed with Techtonics Tuning parts. We use their race downpipe and exhaust. Their shop has been around for a long time and parts are well tested. We also use the Autotech rear sway bar, with no front bar. I really like this setup, very nuetral with very manageable lift-off oversteer. We’re still using our used ‘budget’ suspension, an H&R Cup Kit. Really a street kit, and wouldn’t be appropriate for pure race.

I’d be happy to get with my close friend and expert mechanic, Paul, who built our car, if you have more questions. Hope that helps and thanks for your comment.


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