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Decided on Blogger

Seems like the thing to do these days, have a blog. Lets try this one out for a little while. I’ve installed a blogger from WordPress as well, but this is a much easier configuration. In time, I’ll try to integrate the feed into my main site, but for now, the blog and my website will be seperate.

So… I’ve started a new job at OSU as the Web Services Manager for Enrollment Management, and my old crappy website is no longer appropriate. In addition to this blog, look for a total redesign of my personal site as well. I’m initially thinking the categories for the site will be Blog, Professional, Family, Motorsports, Poker and Galleries.

Feel free to make comments if you like, and lets see where this goes.


4 replies on “Decided on Blogger”

bl0gI like the ideas you’ve got going on with redesigning the site and having all the categories.. to be honest, I keep forgetting where the poker links are so I have to look back in emails to find it.. 🙂


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