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Jack Johnson Anniversary Vacation

Planned for what seemed like six months in advance, Shana and I celebrated our 11 year anniversary in Bend. I say that because after hearing Jack Johnson on the radio in Oahu, we were fans. Soon after we bought tickets for the show in Bend.

After a wonderful drive in the M3 through the pass, we arrived to high 80’s and the lowest humidity known to man. This was especially evident as we passed by the torched landscape from last year’s huge forest fires.

But that smell of sage hits you immediately in Sisters and we stopped for lunch at a deli that we remembered from our last trip. Continuing on we passed the Tumalo Feed Company, which we of course had to double back for later for dinner. I’m a huge fan of the Feed Co, and if you like Steak, you should make certain to hit this popular area restaurant. Steak as it was intended, focus on the meat, not on the seasoning.

The next day we walked the shops, hit the park and stopped into the Bend Brewery for a quick lunch and beer. Great food and beer!

The concert, while very good, was the completely wrong venue for this great artist. An acoustic guitar show, was drowned out by a sold out attendance that was more interested in partying than listening to the relaxing tunes. But it was a fun time, and some fantastic people watching. But next time, a quieter setting would be much more appropriate.

Nonetheless, a fantastic little long weekend!