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Creative website ideas that generate a little cash

I’m constantly kicking myself for not thinking of something that could bring in a few extra bucks a month that’s web related. Some of these websites hardly feature anything in-depth, but they’re interesting. And each of the pages has banners that generate cash. For instance, some of my favorites:

Hot or Not – As soon as you click a rating, another victim is displayed for your approval. Curiously addictive, and each page displayed has banners. The first time I visited the site, I was probably on it for 15-20 minutes clicking away. I’ll bet others spend far more time than that. I wonder how much this site generates for the owner…

Wheresgeorge – A website that lets you enter the serial number off dollar bills for tracking. The bill gets marked with the web address, and the next person who notices, enters where they got the bill and can check out the history of the bill. A low maintenance site with banners that is again curiously addictive to check out.

You get the idea. Seems like a clever little diversion that could earn beer money with little effort.