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Happy 30th Shana!

After Shana threw one of the best parties ever for my 30th, I had big shoes to fill for her 30th this year. But early on, Shana thought that a beach house would be the way to go, and invite friends to join us for the party.

I ended up finding this townhouse rental in Neskowin. This is in a new development called Sahhali Shores and retails likely somewhere in the $650-750k range. Yep, it was plush. Majestically overlooking the ocean, the house was loaded with ammenities: LCD flat panel television with full surround in the bedroom, speakers throughout the entire house (though I could not figure out how to make them work!), a complete bar downstairs with projection television, a hot tub, a jacuzzi tub, two decks, suede leather couches, nice appliances, sleep accommodations for 10, … you get the idea. It was an episode of Cribs as far as I was concerned!

Happy Birthday Shana, it was an outstanding time. Thanks to all those who made the trip!

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