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Why Aren’t You Using Firefox?

You’re not, are you?! Get Firefox now!

You are?! Phew!!! Want to make it even better? Check out this excellent extension package put together by none other than pro poker player Paul Phillips. An extremely talented poker player, he’s also very savvy with the computer. And also disturbingly arrogant. Consider yourself warned if you decide surf the rest of his blog.

So what does the extension pack have? The best one is the Adblock. This one will display site content only and remove banner ads. No it’s true, no more banners! I’ve been using it for a couple days, and it’s fantastic! This is a must have extension for Firefox users! Also a bunch of tweaks that makes Google even better and more usable, and an automatic extension for the excellent bugmenot database that I mentioned last week. Now surf over your favorite membership required site, a la New York Times, and right click the login fields. Viola, you get one of the databases passwords and don’t need to register!

Paul goes over these in more detail, and includes a mass installer to install all of these extensions at once.

And for those of you who think Firefox is a bit slow, try this out: Firefox speed tweaks.


3 replies on “Why Aren’t You Using Firefox?”

One of my favorites is “Linkification” It takes those annoying URLs that the writer didn’t bother turning into a link (you know…you have to cut and paste it into another window) and it automatically turns it into a real link.
Another favorite is “Linky” which allows you to outline a bunch of links on a page and it will automatically open them all in tabs in one shot. Very nice for pages where you want to view a bunch of photos but don’t want to click-back-click-back.
Also, a cool thing about Firefox a lot of people don’t use is the middle button(scroll wheel) click on a link to open it in a tab. When you’re done with the tab, middle button click on the tab to close it. (obvious to some but a huge time savings for those who don’t)

Ok. Now that I’ve visited his page, I see he already suggests both Linkification and Linky…consider this a 2nd reccomendation.

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