Oregon is getting a new racetrack, Oregon Raceway Park

“Phase one development will include a road course of approximately 2.6 miles in length, 15 turns and an abundance of elevation change. The support structures include garages, timing and scoring tower, turn stations, grandstands, maintenance buildings, and offices. Potential users include the Sports Car Club of America, International Conference of Sports Car Clubs, Oregon Motorcycle Road Racing Association, Portland Karting Association and numerous other sports car clubs, motorcycle clubs, government agencies and media production companies.” Full article on Oregon Raceway Park at

Official Oregon Raceway Park website. (Possibly the crapiest new website I’ve seen recently btw…)


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i heard of a group meeting last night, held in portland, and i could not find out where that meeting was going to place. was there indeed a meeting, and, if so, what was the concensence of the group? mahalo, phil#68

I would like to see a dirt section for supermoto. Supermoto is growing fast with lots of riders looking for a place to ride.

The website states that future development plans include a 3/8 mile oval. I presume that accomodates some form of stock racing, but this is not my area of expertise.


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