Top Gear Season Seven, Episode 1

No, not that watered down version for us in America on Discovery channel, the entire BBC episode, without commercial interruption, is on… Google Video of course!

Top Gear Season Seven, Episode 1
. Great comparo of the Aston V8 Vantage, BMW M6 (God it’s ugly!), and the Porsche Carrera S. Naturally, they’re tested in the pissing down, pouring rain, at the Isle of Man. Reminds me of the Oregon coast really.

No need to suffer through the American Music Awards tonight. Let your wife enjoy that rubbish in peace and quiet, and retire instead to the office for an hour of Top Gear!


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I’ve downloaded most of the season 7 & 6 from various sources . . that British dry wit is the best. Highly recommended for anyone wanting a good laugh.

I couldn’t agree more! I too have the larger, higher resolution downloads (350mb+) and I pull them out for viewing all the time. I’m avoiding posting links for the full hi-res downloads for copyright reasons, but a google search and some digging will return good results for anyone who trys.

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Just thought i would let you know we share the same name, never tried searching my own name in google before and this is what came up.

Nice to meet you Daniel, thanks for stopping by!

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