Audi R10, Diesel Powered Le Mans Racecar

You read that right, their LMP1 entry is going to be diesel powered! V12, twin turbo, direct injection. Looks hawt too!

Check out all the goods, including a video (but no engine sound), at Audi’s Webpage on the R10.


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I should get to see one of these in person at Sebring in a couple of weeks. The sound of it in the Audi video was like an old Ferrari, which is not surprising given the R10 has a relatively low-revving V12.

I saw/heard the R10 at Sebring. It sounded awsome. Knew right away it was going to win. No backfiring! Real quiet. Has a big muffler. I guess you can have one if it doesn’t drop the power. Sorry the second car dropped out. Would have been 1-2.
I don’t have a sound byte, but it reminded me of a Rolls Royce Merlin engine (Less the prop sound). It was a gasoline Turbo V12. Here is a link to hear the Rolls sound:
Next we’ll start seeing low RPM high compression ethanol engines. They will stomp the competition.

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