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Revo + 2006 MK V GTi = OMG!

My buddy Ed just picked up his 2006 Black Magic Pearl GTi w/ package 2. Naturally I was eager to see the car in person and I got my chance this past weekend. My initial reaction from seeing pics on the web was that the car looked waaay too tall and heavy. While it does sit very high (reportedly to meet a U.S. 5 star crash rating), it’s a well put together car that’s very light on it’s feet and the leather package is really really nice. So far so good.

Ed is an active member of Epitome, a Seattle based VW tuning club. So naturally, purchasing the car was just the first step of what he had planned. Already shopping for wheels and suspension, he actually made his first modification in the form of Revo Technik software. Boasting 250hp and over 300ft/lbs of torque (yes, you read that right), I was very eager to see how the little 2.0l performed. My expectations of lumpy idle and surging powerband were quickly dismissed as Ed drove us to dinner at Gustav’s in Vancouver. The car behaves very neatly and just cruising around town, you’d never suspect anything was changed. And then he floored it from a rolling start and I was thrown back in my seat — that’s never happened to me in a 4 cylinder car before! And the charge just kept coming, all the way through 3rd gear. Ed boastfully let me know we had just brushed 100mph and quickly settled back down. All I can say is my first impression was a damn good one!

The next day I had a chance behind the wheel of the monster, which is no understatement. Attempting to take it easy, I just used part throttle at first and still, nothing but fantastic and immediate power that just keeps coming. Starting from just off idle, all the way through redline, the linear and eager Revo modified GTi just kept impressing over and over, faster and faster.

And then Ed told me the modification was only $500. I’ve driven Paul’s 06 Gli w/ 2.0 FSI Turbo (same motor Ed has) a few times, and I’ve been impressed with the stock output. But the Revo version is just ridiculous because it’s so easy to apply the new power and does so with no drama.

It was hard to give the car back, but Ed had a Noon flight to catch. So we’ve planned on making a track day later in March. I can’t wait to see this thing completely unleashed! Thanks for the drive Ed and congratulations!


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Does the car have a 6-speed, or DSG automatic? Heard the automatic fights with the flash and actually isn’t as good as the 6-speed’s gain.

It’s the 6 speed. Although I have many friends with the DSG and they have similar flashes with no issues. When the chips were being first developed and released, there were many quirks and a few issues. Most of those have been resolved now…and it’s all fun. For example, when flashing a MKV you need to blow compressed air over the ECM while the flash is in place or else it can overheat. Also, many times after the flash the compass in the car will disappear…however a simple reset brings it back.

Crazy stuff…but the gains are worth putting up with them 😉

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