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1967 Alfa Romeo Giulia Super

The last couple of days, we’ve made a couple of day-hike trips into the Oregon Coast range. Beautiful area and nice twisting roads. But driving the 1992 Toyota Pickup doesn’t exactly inspire, and I caught myself dreaming of a classic Italian sports sedan, the 1967 Alfa Romeo Giulia Super. I pictured it lowered, on Panasports (naturally), and with a proper performce tune on the drivetrain.

When we got home, I rushed to the computer to start the search. Only took 15 minutes to find the exact car for sale in California: 1967 Alfa Romeo Giulia Super at European Collectibles for $19.5k.

1967 Alfa Romeo Giulia Super

Guilia Super quick facts:

  • 1570cc Engine Stock, featuring about 100hp. Later and larger engines slot right in, making for a very quick little car.
  • Dual overhead camshafts, 5 speed transmissions, disc brakes.
  • Quarter mile in 18 seconds.
  • 2260lbs for 93hp per ton.

Some particulars on this example:

  • Has a rebuilt 1750 in it with dual Weber DCOE 40’s, good for 130hp!
  • 15″ Panasports
  • Completely restored interior
  • Needs paint, but as the ad states, “…in need of paint, but looks pretty good at 20 feet or 80 MPH.”
  • $25k in records!

$19k+ is a lot of money, but there aren’t that many of these and the Super is the top of the line in the Giulia range. And according to this 1999 Sports Car Market Giulia Super valuation, not out of line at all. In a brief search, I was hard pressed to find more than 3 of these for sale on the web, and all were commanding about the same amount of money or more.

UPDATE: This car still hasn’t sold. Here is a recent post on the Alfa Romeo Bulletin Board stating a new price of $18k. I wonder if a paint job would take the car the rest of the way?

If you can do without all the performance bits, the Guilia Ti is apparently pretty good value for money, with one sold a couple years ago on eBay for as little as $6.5k according to Sports Car Market! (Update: Speak of the devil, here’s a 1970 Ti w/ a 2000cc motor transplant for $13.9k on Sportscar Market.)

Alfa Romeo Guilia Super Web Resources:

Giulia Super Specific

Jack’s Giulia Super Pages – Jack owns two Super’s and has a ton of information online including some listserv archives, original magazine article scans, paint codes, and even a scan of the original brochure.


Alfa Romeo Owners Club USA – Has a national classifieds listing. Wouldn’t be a bad place to keep an eye on for a Super sighting.

Alfa Romeo Bulletin Board Sedan Forum


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[…] So when I spotted this Alfa Romeo Giulia TI on the Alfa BB last night, I just about spit beer out on the monitor. $4500, runs and drives, recent engine rebuild, presentable body, and right up I-5 in Portland. Sure, she’s not a show winner, but with Paul working at a classic car restoration shop, and several Becks beers altering my judgment, this looked like an easy decision. Naturally I envisioned it looking exactly like this Guilia Super project I posted last year. […]

Who doesn’t love classic cars? Seems everybody does and hollywood has jumped on the bandwagon too. You see them in just about every movie and TV show now.

Hello, nice site with a lot of nice cars (classic) and bikes.
We´re restoring an Alfa Giulia Bertone 1300 GT from 1975. The project is nearly finished.
Hope to see you on our site.
Greatings (The fratelli´s)

Ho una giulia super 1600 del 1965. Cerco le due “stelline” con il biscione che sono sui montanti posteriori del tetto.
Ogni altra notizia sul quel modello

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