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1981 Alpina B6

1981 Alpina B6 Ebay Auction – right here on the west coast in San Mateo.

1981 Alpina B6

Read all about the B6 on the Unofficial Alpina Homepage. Here’s some juicy tidbits:

  • 2.8l motor sourced from the e28 528i
  • custom fuel injection system fitted (!)
  • 218hp delivering 0-60 times under 7 seconds

These e21 Alpina’s seem to be the most common ‘legal’ Alpina’s in the US and should be relatively easy to attain. However the post refer’s to a recent ebay auction where one of these sold for $28k. That car was perfect though, probably better than when it left the factory. This one is at the other end of the spectrum in the fixer-upper category, and I expect will go for $5-6k — maybe less. A great opportunity though.

The folks hosting the auction,, are a cool outfit. Three brothers who basically act as BMW consignment specialists sourcing cars from all over California. They always feature some cool rides that wealthy California owners bought new, including some cool gray-market items. Some notables from their current listings include 2 e30 euro-spec Baur’s (both under $10k!), a desirable US-spec e34 540-6, an old school e28 Dinan massaged 5 series, and lots of older 70’s BMW’s that all look like great drivers.

Update: Looks like they have this listed on their website now for $9900. Sounds high to me.

Update 2: Price dropped on their website to $8900ish.

Update 3: Didn’t sell the first time on eBay at $4051, but it’s been relisted at no reserve now.

Update 4:Winning bid was $5100.