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1966 BMW 1800 TISA

If you were thinking the Guilia Super I posted was a little rich considering it’s condition, check this BMW 1800 TISA out! This is a gorgeous car and in amazing condition.

Only 200 produced over two years, the BMW 1800 TISA was for homologated racing efforts and sported the following improvements over the regular 1800:

  • Up to 150hp provided by twin 45 DCOE carbs!
  • 5 speed close ratio transmission
  • Sport seats and wood steering wheel
  • Center mounted tach


Ebay Auction for 1966 BMW 1800 TISA for $30k

Some brief information on the BMW 1800 TISA at the History of the BMW ’02 series.
Ray Korman got his start racing 1800 TISA’s

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Well if you cant afford this one, I have teh makings of two more in Australia, not complete sets but at least two running 1800’s plus two of teh necessary disc brake rear suspension sets front ventilated dis brakes, 1 five speed gearbox and choice of 3 locking diffs, maybe when I am old and grey and get back to OZ there will be at least one more example of this amazing machine (a replicar, which CAMS have approved in principle) back on the track. I am curious to keep in contact with any-one else who has a soft spot for this particular peice of motorsport history

Gentlemen. A simple comment afiter looking at your pictures. I recently had access to period BMW official photograph of TISA interiors and I was surprised to notice that the seat-back adjuster knobs on each seat are situated opposite the side of your car’s. That is : the knob on the driver’s seat (left side of the car) is facing inward, above the hand brake lever. And the knob on the passenger’s seat is also facing inward, above the hand brake lever.
Just thought you might appreciate this historically accurate detail.
Leave me an address and I will gladly send you low resolution images to assert my words.

I owned a 1966 BMW 1800 TiSA that I bought from Pete Lovely in 1967. I had just gotten back from 13 months in Viet Nam and saw it as I drove past Pete Lovely VW. It was truly love at first sight. I wish I still had it. I drove the heck out of it for 5 years. I finally sold it in 1972. When I was assigned to Ramstein AB in Germany, I drove it cross country from Tacoma to NYC and crossed North Dakota in 3 hours flat. It was a wonderful car, but when I tore up my knee skiing, I had a hard time using the clutch so I sold it and bought an automatic Volvo. I still regret losing it. The 45DCOE carburetors were not suited for cold weather so I carried a can of ether spray to get it to fire up in the cold. When I took off the air-cleaner, I could look past the intake valve and into the top of the piston. Mine had both bumpers (stainless steel ) and wheel covers. The paint was Bristol Grey and had it black and maroon upholstery.
It was a wonderful car.

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