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1970 BMW 2002 ti versus 1967 Alfa Romeo Giulia Super

After my recent Alfa Romeo Giulia Super fantasy post, the next logical question in my mind was: Consider that a decent BMW 2002 goes for 6-10k, is the Alfa Romeo 2-3x the car as reflected by it’s current asking price?

The garden variety BMW 2002 probably isn’t sporting enough to be compared to the Super, but the top of the line 2002tii is fuel injected and a bit overqualified as a result. But the twin-carbed 2002 ti is a perfect comparison. The 2002 sports a 2000cc engine, while the Super relies on a 1600, so we’ll use the converted 1750 example as noted in the previous post.

  Alfa Romeo Giulia Super BMW 2002 ti
Power 130hp 120hp
Weight 2260lbs 2310lbs
Power to Weight Ratio 17.3 lbs per horsepower 19.2 lbs per horsepower
Length 166.0 inches 166.5 inches
Wheelbase 99 inches 98.4 inches

So my comparison table is far from scientific, but it looks to me like both cars have very similar power, weight, dimensions and performance.

Suppose one was actually in the market, I have to conclude that the 2002 is cheaper and easier to attain with damn near identical specificaitons. And considering the $19.5k asking price of the Alfa Giulia in the previous post, you’d probably be able to buy a beautiful 2002 and have money left over for say, a motorcycle…

BMW 2002 ti
Alfa Romeo Giulia Super
Ducati 900 ss/sp