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Gray Market Bikes

How about a little two-wheeled goodness for the Online Classifieds Car Show?! These bikes were never officially imported to the US (at least not for street use) and as such, are termed ‘Gray Market’.

1994 Honda NSR250 on

1994 Honda NSR250

I’ve always had a soft spot for gray market two strokes and always wanted a Aprilia RS250, but an NSR 250 would be a close second. And at $6300, with a title, not a bad deal!

NSR 250 details:

  • 249cc Liquid Cooled V-twin
  • Single-sided Swingarm
  • Kick Started (probably to save weight)
  • Homologated for 250 GP racing

NSR 250 Web Resources:

NSR-World – All things NSR!
Jamie’s NSR Page – Loaded with NSR details, pictures, specs and more.
NSR 250 Pics at

1990 Honda RC30 at Red Label Moto in Seattle.

1990 Honda RC30
1990 Honda RC30

Honda RC30 details:

  • Homologated for superbike racing, winning back to back World Superbike titles in 88 and 89
  • 750cc V-4
  • Single-sided Swingarm

A stunning motorcycle and a rare opportunity to snag one in this country. Original asking price was over $20k new, and this one is up for $21k! Pretty steep, but according to this article from 2003 at on the RC30, a pretty typical price.


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