Juan Pablo Montoya Moving to NASCAR?!

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Didn’t see this coming: Montoya to leave F1 for NASCAR on

Is there any hope of NASCAR mania slowing down… No. And this has to be one of the more shocking for fans of traditional road racing, especially those admiring it’s highest level, F1. For a driver as talented as Montoya to dumb down his ability and completely change his style for NASCAR is as sure as sign as ever that there’s plenty of money in their sport, and plenty for everyone. I’ve read that NASCAR rookies typically start in the $800k range. I can’t find an exact number on how much Montoya was paid in 2006, but I saw on that his 2001 Champ Car salary was over $10 million. I can’t wait to hear what they gave Montoya!

And in related news, Danica Patrick is apparently considering a move to NASCAR as well, as reported in Sports Illustrated.

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