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eBay Mega Find: 1972 Porsche 916

Autoblog is reporting that this very rare 914 variant is expected to cross the $200k+ mark by the weekend! WOW! I knew these were rare and sought after, and probably an amazing drive, but that’s incredible. There’s a 914 underneath it all, come to your senses!!!

1972 Porsche 916

eBay auction for 1972 Porsche 916

UPDATE: Auction ended at $200,099.00


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You know what I think would be cool? If you bought a digi-vid-cam and started doing video reviews of cars like our faves at Top Gear. I think you’ve got the right mix of humor and auto knowledge…

I think you’d have better luck with the commentary part of the show 🙂 The Stig routine would increase your speeding ticket collection!

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