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1986 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3-16

Mercedes 190 2.3-16Merc 190e 2.3-16v CosworthMercedes Cosworth 2.3-16 190

1986 Mercedes-Benz 190 2.3-16 on

This particular example has high mileage at over 100k, but this isn’t unusual for a used Mercedes. Many are proudly driven and maintained to high standards. This car would appear to be one of them, which was originally special ordered in Germany. Also has euro-spec lamps and what appear to be Evolution (or aftermarket copies) rims.

This post on the Vortex asking for help looking for a 190 2.3-16 inspired me to take a peek myself. A little bit of research doesn’t yield many examples, and most are definitely not of this quality. $16.8k may well be a bit high, but could be reasonable for what may be the nicest example for sale right now. Although when compared to what e30 M3 are fetching, maybe not out of line at all. But I’ll keep looking this week for a nicer one and include what I can find.

Quick Facts

Here’s some quick facts on the legendary Mercedes 190 2.3-16 “Costworth” from Wikipedia:

  • Cosworth racing was charged with tuning this motorsports motor, which is widely considered the centerpiece of the car. Modifications included a brand new cylinder head, 16 valves instead of 8, and constructed from lightweight alloy.
  • The 2.3-16 was originally developed for rallying, but turbo Audi Quattro’s made them uncompetitive. The 2.3-16’s motorsports intentions were turned to DTM racing where it did battle with the e30 M3.
  • Standard features included a dog-leg style transmission (european model), standard limited slip differential, and special body cladding that reduced drag.

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