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Porsche 914-6 Irish Green

Ten years ago if you told me that a nice 914-6 would list for $24k, I would’ve thought you were crazy. But considering what’s happened with early 911 models (pre 73) recently, $24k sounds like a solid deal for a well performing car that doesn’t suffer from terrible U.S. regulations like huge bumpers, catalytic converters, or smog pumps.

This example features a warmed over 2.2L motor that should provide very strong performance indeed. And carb’d too…

This car is haunting me without a doubt, even though it’s totally irresponsible for me to own a car of this vintage, condition and price. But considering my high school notebook was littered with sketches of slammed 914’s, it’s amazing I haven’t called this guy with a cash offer already lol!

Porsche 914-6Porsche 914/6Porsche 914-6 Engine

Pelican Parts Classified Ad for Irish Green Porsche 914-6


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True true, but this car really wouldn’t be driven daily (or so I’d try to convince myself). I’d leave it in the someday-to-be-cleaned-out garage and walk to work.

As you can tell, I’m really dreaming now lol!


im sorry for those of you who don’t think a carbed car can be a daily driver, take the time to learn how to adjust and service your carbs, I love adjusting my webers on a Saturday morning, a little adjusting after the months go by and its perfect again, Those of you who don’t want to think about a simple thing stick with Fuel injected, i’ll be here with carbs enjoying myself 🙂 maybe its just me

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