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1988 Mercedes 500e AMG

Straight out of a Miami Vice episode, this cool AMG popped up today on eBay:

Mercedes AMGMercedes AMG Old SchoolOld School AMG Benz

eBay auction for 1988 Mercedes AMG

Considering the bidding is already at $24k, it may well be a real one. Even if it’s not, it shows as one and to the right buyer (class of 88) it might be a perfect fit regardless. The 3 piece AMG wheels, the AMG steering wheel, 6.0L upgrade motor, and other authentic bits are all extremely rare.


2 replies on “1988 Mercedes 500e AMG”

looks cool ol classic to me. for somehow, i don’t trust ebay since most the sellers sell fake stuff. This needs a thorough look in the flesh. And request for more pictures.

Having a high price doesn’t suffice the make’s originality. some sell fake stuff for $$$. buyer must be duped with hefty price tag.

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