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1999 Porsche 911 Carrera: 996 Models Getting More Affordable All the Time

99 Porsche Carrera for sale

Here’s one on Roadfly with 41k miles for $29.9k. This is going to make it very tough on Boxster S sales of the same vintage very soon… I would still prefer a 993 myself over the 996 or the Boxster, but the 993 model isn’t suffering any depreciation problems. As a modern-classic, the Porsche 993 features a retail price that is actually climbing already.

Still, the 996 isn’t exactly a heap either. With nearly 300hp on tap, it’ll will run a 13 second quarter and a low 5 second 0-60. And you won’t have to make any excuses about not springing the extra for a 911 while driving your Boxster — if your subject to such ignorant scruitany anyway 😉