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1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia TI: Sold in a Day, Doh!

As you can probably tell, I’ve been surfing for older cars than I normally do. Though I was nearly certain I was heading towards Porsche Boxster S ownership, there could be some changes in the mix. Attempting to fight the urge of the American way (uber-debt), the S is being put on hold, and with great sadness I might add. But with personal trips to Montana, Indiana and Ireland this year, as well as continuing home improvements, well, I just can’t do it. I can, but I shouldn’t. *sob*

But in a surprising and timely chance circumstance, there might be a new way to occupy the empty space the M3 has left behind. My very close friend Paul has recently moved from the Eugene BMW dealership to a great little classic car boutique in Eugene, The Sports Car Shop. And Paul’s not going to be just a tech (like there is such a thing when working on classics). Paul is being groomed to handle a new arm of their business which focuses on restorations of classic cars. His first assignment is an Alfa Romeo 2600. Only a month or so ago, we walked by their downtown shop in Eugene, and drooled on the glass admiring this very car. A month later, he gets to lay hands on it. Congratulations Paul!

Naturally like the selfish friend I am, the thought of having a proper classic has been in the back of my mind ever since I heard the news. And I can’t think of anyone I would rather have work on my cars, of any vintage! Paul is so meticulous in his work, it borderlines on mental disease.

So when I spotted this Alfa Romeo Giulia TI on the Alfa BB last night, I just about spit beer out on the monitor. $4500, runs and drives, recent engine rebuild, presentable body, and right up I-5 in Portland. Sure, she’s not a show winner, but with Paul working at a classic car restoration shop, and several Becks beers altering my judgment, this looked like an easy decision. Naturally I envisioned it looking exactly like this Guilia Super project I posted last year.

Until I scrolled to the bottom of the post and found that the car had sold in a day! DOH!!

Alfa Romeo Giulia TI

Sold 1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia TI on Alfa BB


4 replies on “1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia TI: Sold in a Day, Doh!”

Thank you for your kind words, I’d be happy to wrench on whatever car you do decide on… I’m looking at that Giulia and thinking the same thing, $4500 DOH!


I miss(ed) her too! Wish that would’ve worked out. You’ll have to let me know if you have any other running collectibles that need attention!

Thanks for your note,


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