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1971 Alfa Romeo GTV: Hot Looking Resto-Mod

The Lambo orange paint is a big giveaway, but regardless of the non-factory color choice, this little car is tight! Apparently it sold last year on ebay for $25k and is being flipped this year. There’s an extensive conversation on the Alfa BB concerning this car and many are watching this auction with anticpation as GTV prices are continuing to pick up steam and catch up with early 911S models of the same vintage. I’ll post an update when the sale is over.

Alfa Romeo GTV

eBay auction for 1971 Alfa Romeo GTV

UPDATE: Reserve not met at $19.2k and has been relisted. Currently at $18k with 5 days remaining.

UPDATE 2: 2nd auction just ended, and it’s at $28k. When I checked first thing this morning, it was at $21k. Considering it ended previously in the low 20’s, this might be for real.

UPDATE 1.27.08: For sale again on eBay.