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1973 BMW 2002 Baur Convertible != $20.5k

I’ve posted several Baur’s in the past, and while they are rare in this country, I don’t think $20.5k is a realistic price to ask for one of these — even if it is restored. Suppose it is concour condition, where’s the original wheels, transmissions and radio? The 5 speed, aftermarket rims and stereo are nice upgrades, but if you’re gonna ask that much, I’d expect a perfect, original, concours show winner.

1973 BMW 2002 Convertible on Roadfly

BMW 2002 Convertible


2 replies on “1973 BMW 2002 Baur Convertible != $20.5k”

Expensive yes, but a good investment I’d think. I’d certainly lose the rims. They look a little bling. I quite like the E21 bottle-caps on the ’02, or the BBS basket weaves from the E30. Although a set of period alpina rims would be cool. Here’s a question; $20k for this ’02 or for an E30 M3 with the same mileage?

I guess I might be more receptive to this car, at this price, if it were a tii baur (is there such a thing?) or a turbo. It’s just too much for this car though.

Compared to an e30 M3… Wow, that’s a tough one. Especially because the asking prices for these have gone from tolerable to $18-20k, unrestored. Nonetheless, I do think the e30 M3 holds a more prominent place in history, is widely recognized as the first real ‘M’ by many (though I know it’s not), and is one of the winningist cars in history. Well I guess it’s obvious which one I’d choose!


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