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2002 Audi Allroad: Mrs. Rubley’s New Daily

Ever since Clayton brought by his 2001 Audi Allroad a few years back, my wife has vowed to own one. Having sold our dependable little 1992 Toyota truck to some friends, it was time to get her her due. She’s driven that little econo-truck for years while I’ve enjoyed the real cars.

So naturally, we talked with Clayton of BossAutos to find us a new ride. In less than a month, we were enjoying an Allroad that was within our mileage, price, and color requirements. (And speaking of price, that would be well below retail. I figure he saved us at least $4k!) If you haven’t worked with a broker before, prepare for a pleasant new way to do your car business. You specify what you’re looking for, and the broker does all the work. A truely stress-free sale. Contact Clayton when you’re ready for a new car and see the difference. Tell him Tj Rubley sent you 😉

2002 is the second year this car was offered in North America. The only differences I could spot was the addition of the ‘sport mode’ on the tiptronic transmission and a revised radio and climate control. Sport mode basically makes for quicker transmission response and it will hold each gear to readline if you nail it. And nailing it provides an amazing acceleration I didn’t think a 4000lb+ vehicle could provide — this car is fast! The 2.7L V6 is a watered down version of the Audi S4 motor that features twin turbos, and provides a strong and torquey 250hp. But it does more than that. It has every ammenity you could desire, including heated seats front and rear, a heated steering wheel (!), adjustable ride height from the cockpit, Quattro all-wheel drive, Bose stereo, and more and more. There are more buttons inside this thing than the pilot controls on a 747. Well not really, but at night, they’re all illuminated in red and it looks sweet.

Enough babbling. We love this new car!


Many, many thanks to Clayton for this outstanding car!


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Loving the Allroad; just spent the weekend in Bend. If i lived on that side of the Cascades i might have to have one of those.

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