Incredible Barn Find in Portugal

UPDATE: Autoblog debunks this internet hoax.

ok, so imagine you live in portugal and your moving house. you find a lovely farm house set in a decent plot of land. the place has been empty for 15 years!

whilst exploring your new property you find a large barn in the trees. the door is padlocked shut and its all rusted solid. so you grind the padlock open………

Portugal Barn Find

barn find

The story behind the pics isn’t 100% credible apparently, but the pics of this dusty collection are worth a look at the very least. I’ll update when I get the full story.

Partial list of cars:

Bristol 405
Lancia Flaminia Pininfarina coupe
OTAS/Lombardi 1300
Simca 8 Pininfarina Coupe
Mercedes 300S Adenauer (looks like there are several of them)
Alfa-Romeo 2600 Sprint Bertone
Lancia Aurelia B20GT
Lotus Seven MKIV (the rarest and strangest of all the sevens)
Hanomag Autobahn
Peugeot 404 Cabriolet Pininfarina (looks like there’s more than one)
’32 Ford – what looks to be Gläser bodied
Opel Kapitäns, first, second, and third series
Fiat 508 Ballila roadster
MG Z-magnettes (many)
1932 Chrysler 8 Phaeton
1927 Chevrolet Tourer
1933 Austin 10
BMW 501 “Baroque Angel”
1947 Frazer
Alfa-Romeo 1900 Sport Bertone (several – and these are worth a fortune now..)
Lancia Flaminia Zagato
Alfa-Romeo 2600 sedan Boneschi
Standard Flying 9
Alfa-Romeo Giulia SS, Sprint, and Spider
Lancia Appias (several)
1939 Plymouth
DKW 1000SP
Matra D’jet
Lotus Elans of every variety
Lancia Flaminia Coupe Touring
Renault R8 Gordini
Honda N600
BMW 2000CS