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1991 e30 M3 For Sale: 40k miles, one owner!

UPDATE: This listing was a scam. The folks over at sniffed it out right away.

Aside from the fact that the seller has no previous ebay sales history, this looks like the real deal. Current bid is over $17k and the auction has a little over a day before completion. Considering the recent pricing of e30 M3 survivors for sale, this would be a deal under $20k, but I’ll bet it goes over. I can’t stop staring at the engine and passenger seats — incredible condition! Where’s one of those junk mail, pre-approved 2nd mortgages when you need one!

e30 M3 For Sale1991 e30 M3 For Salee30 m3 For Sale s14

eBay auction for e30 M3 w/ 40k original miles


3 replies on “1991 e30 M3 For Sale: 40k miles, one owner!”

Anyone know what the auction ended at? I did see this on ebay a few days ago, beautiful. $20k seems to be the benchmark these days for a decent one.

I was fortunate enough to see Frank Sytner and Mike Smith drive the prodrive cars at Donnington Park in May 1989 in the BTCC. I’ll never stop wanting one.


I missed the sale price too. But something strange was going on with the auction. First time I checked it, the car was at $17k. The second time I checked it was at $15k something. Is that due to zero feedback bidders or ??

I know what you mean about always wanting one. I’m just afraid that if I don’t bite on one soon, they’ll be in vintage 911S territory soon. Also known as out of my reach 😉


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