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1981 Porsche 911SC Club Car For Sale

Porsche 911sc1981 Porsche 911SC For SalePorsche Club Car For Sale

1981 Porsche 911SC For Sale on The Samba

This deal really does look too good to be true at $11750, but if I lived anywhere near San Jose, I’d definitely be stopping by to take a look. Despite the fact that this car is obviously intended for weekend driving events, if the engine rebuild is in fact reputable, that bill would easily cross the $8k line and perhaps as high as $10k depending on upgrades and options. As I consider that the cost of the car is roughly what it would cost to have an engine rebuilt, you have to wonder… Maybe the paint job is a 10ft quality job. Or maybe the interior is even rattier than it looks in the picture. Salvage title maybe?

Someone in LA go give this car a look, the curiosity is killing me!