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1988 Toyota Celica ST165 AllTrac GT4 For Sale

Here’s a chance to own some serious-for-its-day, homologated race special goodness — on the cheap! And check out the specs: 190hp, 7 second 0-60, full time all wheel drive, and a 2 liter turbo!

Celica ST165 GT4ST165 For SaleGT-Four for sale

1988 Toyota Celica ST165 AllTrac GT-Four For Sale on Ben’s Rally Classifieds

With a rebuilt motor and recent maintenance, $3700 is a steal! Granted, these cars have not really made turn towards appreciation, but there is a strong Japanese aftermarket right now, so support should be very good for this car. And it’s right in our back yard in Grants Pass, Oregon.

Here are some links that I turned up with a simple google search:

ST165 Buyer’s Guide
AllTrac Specifications

And a youtube video on the history of the Celica in rallying. The ST165 GT-Four is featured first.


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