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1993 BMW E34 M5 For Sale: Drool Factory

Arguably the last of the true, hand-built, factory M cars, the e34 M5 is the real thing. And this one only has 21k original miles and looks even better than that.

UPDATE 11.29.07: Down to $29k.

UPDATE 2.12.08: Down to $28750 and updated link to new ad.

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1993 BMW e34 M5 For Sale on Roadfly

$33.5k sounds a bit lofty to me. I would expect actual sale price to be mid to high 20’s considering I haven’t seen many of these with this kind of mileage. Most have been loved and driven rather than loved and kept in storage. Still, someone is going to get a great original.


Update: This listing has long since expired. Check out these other e34 M5’s for sale right now:

[AffomaticEbay]e34 m5[/AffomaticEbay]

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B.S. whats up with the throwing star wheel on the rear passenger side “twisting” the wrong direction, did some one over steer into a curb and a original couldnt be found? 33K someone with more brains then money better do some investigation into the sale and car and find out if the car has been in lay up getting straight!! whatchit 21

I suppose as they say it i’ll have to be someone absolutely dying for an early model e34 m5 that will be spending that kind of money on a car that is that old and not neccesarily collectable in the real world well at least not yet anyways, i love the e34 m5 a lot not that much, a nice car for someone to have because it is new not an investment. Good luck with that price as it will be really needed………

It is an awesome car. Mine is a Dinan 3.8 Stroker. It is an old killer. It looks like an old beast, and it actually is. These are old cars, and are expensive to maintain, but they give so much in feel and handling. The edge is far on an E4 M5. Getting there safely is a combination of learning to drive this car smoothly, and an ability to understand this car’s limitations.It is like owning a legal “race car”. The handmade quality really shows in this car. The feel is really close.g

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