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Two Race-bred Miatas for Sale in Portland

This ad on craigslist for two Miatas caught my attention today:

Spec Miata for Sale
Race-bred Miata for Sale

The orange one is built for the very successful SCCA Spec Miata class. Here’s two videos of it in action at PIR.


Outside the car, turn 12 at PIR:

The other car is built with a left over competition enduro motor that has been slightly toned down for a street application. It still sports the sunbelt cams, remapped engine management, and numerous internal engine modifications to give the car a killer 8300rpm redline! The car itself has been stripped of numerous street comforts to trim the weight down to 2000lbs and runs lightweight rims as well. Curiously, it runs on street suspension. I suspect a coilover setup was probably removed for another project and stock suspension returned to the car — no one would build a car like this and then run it on stock suspension!

The accompanying video for this modified red miata:

The Spec Miata for sale is asking $11,300 and the street car is for sale at $7200 — and the ad states that if the cars are purchased together, a special discount will apply.

Hmmm, race car for the street, or real racecar… Happy day dreaming!


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