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1974 BMW 2002 Touring w/ Alpina Goodies!

Imported from Germany two years ago, this car looks incredible. Not to mention the very rare (and undoubtedly brutally expensive) Alpina aftermarket goods, like the head and individual throttle bodies for the mechanical injection.

BMW 2002 Alpina Touring

Roadfly llisting for BMW 2002 Touring

The auction has 6 days left and is currently at $15k, reserve not met. The owner likens the touring to the 2002 Turbo and Cabriolet in terms of collectability. I think that is a bit of an overstatement, but considering it’s condition and rare aftermarket accessories, I suspect this will find an owner with a fat wallet. Any guesses on reserve? I’ll take a stab at $25k (but will require relisting to get that $22k sale bid 😀 )

Update: Did not sell at $16k, reserve not met.

Update: Car is now listed on Roadfly with a $30k asking price. Not a typo. Image and link updated.