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1988 Porsche 944 Turbo S: Silver Rose, VERY low miles

If you’re a Porsche 944 enthusiast, the limited edition Turbo S in Silver Rose is at the top of your wishlist. With all the goodies from the 944 Turbo Cup car, the Turbo S is already a special car. Even though only 1000 were manufactured in 1988, the original production run of 339 cars in Silver Rose are now highly sought after as they were true to the original formula for the ‘S’ designation: No sunroof, A/C, or power options. And even fewer owners opted for the gaudy Turbo decal on the right front fender. And check out that bitchin plaid interior!

Few remain and this one has to be the best of the bunch with only 1400 original miles!

944 Turbo S Silver Rose for sale944 Turbo Silver Rose for Sale1988 Porsche 944 Turbo S For Sale Silver Rose

eBay auction for 1988 Porsche 944 Turbo S ‘Silver Rose’

Opening bids to start at $35k, no bids yet. Heaven only knows what this is really worth as 944 Turbos trade hands anywhere from $12k to low 20’s depending on condition, mileage, and records. The sale price of this car in 1988 had to be over $50k. Considering it’s practically brand new, maybe $40k isn’t too unreasonable. Maybe higher?

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4 replies on “1988 Porsche 944 Turbo S: Silver Rose, VERY low miles”

An unmolested 951 with low miles for $13k, that is a great find! And with 49k miles versus 1400, I wouldn’t be afraid to enjoy it.

BTW, I watch your blog all the time. Great cars! Thanks for posting,


Hey guys – great site! I have literally STUMBLED across a silver rose w/ 74K orig. miles! The car is in very good shape w/ only two very minor dents up front. I’m buying it tomorrow at a little used car lot where the previous owner sold it for somewhere between 4 – 5 K ! When I saw the car I knew it was special. The plaid “studio” interior was a dead give-away! I didn’t have all the history on the Rose, but I learned quickly. I went to the dealership and checked the motor # and the “s” option code in the trunk by the spare tire. All checks out! Any reservations that this was a real Rose disappeared on the test drive however! I’m presuming that $9,000 is a pretty decent steal here – Please let me know if there’s something I don’t know about the Rose and perhaps what you think it may be worth unmolested as it is w/ 74K on the OD.

Hey Mike,

Sounds like a fantastic find! Shoot me some pics and I’ll add them to the post for some contrast!

I’d say $9k sounds very good for any 951 with 74k miles provided it doesn’t need anything. I’m seeing asking prices in the $12-14k range for similar examples. For a Silver Rose, I’d expect that in educated circles you could add another $1k or $2k — for the right buyer. In the meantime, enjoy your car and thanks for posting.


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