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1979 Renault R17 Gordini

Hola, I’m back from the dead! Sorry for the delay in updates, but I’ve got some beauts on the way. I’m starting with this very unusual and rare Renault from Seattle Craigslist:

Renault R17 Gordini for saleRenault R17 Gordini For SaleRenault for Sale

Extremely rare and vintage Renault with the 1565cc 108 bhp 4 cylinder Hemi engine with electronic fuel injection and 5 speed transmission. This car and parts is a steal for those in the Renault sports car circle, it is the Gordinin model with the full length electric folding sunroof and the rare aluminum (magnesium?) factory mag sport wheels. It runs and drives fine but has more wear than the 095,000 miles show; you can see the rust issues in the pics and the front suspension needs to be rebuilt but it is a complete running car and it comes with all these extra parts:

An EXTREMELY rare rear window sports louver package that matches the side quarter window slats, 1 extra folding sunroof assembly with extra motor, 3 starters, intake maniford, 2 mass air flow sensors, ECU (electronic brain box), alternator, power steering pump, rack & pinion, heater core, cooling fan assembly, L & R quarter glass, a cv joint, 2 struts, extra gear shift lever, lots of plastic signal lenses, lots of relays, etc.

The car starts fine and runs fine but doesn’t like to hot restart. The body is good and the interior has the very desirable factory Recaro seats that fit your body wonderfully. If I could find another set of these seats, I’d put them in my car! The interior is original down to the Formuling four spoke steering wheel and factory radio. I’ve included some pics for you to check out the body, interior, and extra parts. The title is a free and clear Washington state title, call before you email. Jim 206 2938500

So for those of you in the ‘Renault sports car circle’, better get cracking on this one lol!


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this is the only place i know that sell leather seats for 17 gordini’s
as they are the same as the renault alpine 310 v6.Iwill be buying
for my 310.
Hope that’s a help

Had one of these in High School the 70s. Red and black though. it was fast when it ran. Chick Magnet because it was exotic.
I’d get another for the nostalgia. And my ability to swear well in french has faded a bit.
Got any more?

I bought this same car in Jax, Fl in 1982. Silver with red recaros and even the door ding protector strip! I never had seen or heard of the car previously. It also had a nice stripe kit for the bottom of the car that said Gordini within the striping. Convertible top had a hardtop shell that had to be bolted on behind the windshield. Car was fast ,fun, and I had a blast killing Scirraco’s, et al, on I-95 at night. Thanks for the pictures and memories.

Very nice looking R17 you have there. They do look a little funny compared to the Australian released ones, whit those bumpers you have over there 🙂
I had a 1973 R17TL for about 8 years and it is my all time favourite car, still to this day.

I love the photo of your new car! I actually owned one of those back in the late 70s (I think). I found your website because I couldn’t remember what the Gordini looked like, so I did a search of posted pictures and yours was the only one I saw! But, what got me interested was that I was cleaning out my basement, and tucked in behind the furnace was the hard top for our Gordini. I guess I had stored it there a long time ago, and when I sold the car, forgot to give it to the new owner. So, I guess I’ll put it on ebay and see if anyone is interested. Or do you know of any fan groups on the net that I could get the word out?


Bruce, my site indexes pretty well for ‘Gordini’, I’ll bet a buyer finds you via this post. But if I hear anything, I’ll let you know!


Around ’82 I had a black R17 Gordini with red Recaro seats, magnesium wheels, louvered back window and that fabulous electric folding roof with the hard shell for winter. Tore up Saab Turbos back then. Ran like a top until one day…hey, it’s a Renault. Thanks for the memories and good luck selling…

hi my name is juan im been searching for this type of car let me know how much you sale i have a nissan pick up truck let me know if you want exchanges


I am making a restoration project and am looking for this type of seat? Any help in finding some will be rewarded, and they can be in any condition.

All leads to

Many many thanks in adavance


I had a 1979 R17 Renault Gordini, Silver with the orange/red seats. Fast when it ran and fun, but it was broken down most of the time. Sometimes I wish I still had that car. I remember having the hard top blow off on the highway. Yikes.

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