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Larison Rock Day 1 Report

With day 1 now in the books, a few facts have been established:

– I’m slow! My best time today was 2 minutes 21 seconds, which is 5 seconds off my best time from 2005.
– The Race Rabbit has a new personal best at the hill at the hands of first-timer-to-Larison Fast Eddie GTi (My buddy Ed to the rest of us!) Ed pulled out a 2 minute 14 second run, on his second run ever at the hill! My hat is off to you sir, and I will do my best to get close tomorrow!!
– {UPDATE} The Oakridge, Oregon, Best Western Motel, has vastly improved their high speed internet which has made this live blogging possible. Thank you!!

Only one tragedy at the hill today as the Kipperman Datsun 240 suffered an off and bent some very expensive looking parts in the left wheelwell. But he is fine and his car looked like it could’ve really been much much worse — and anyone who has seen this bad ass, perfect, V-8 swapped monster knows how nice this car is. I hope he can return it to glory again soon!

And fast time of the day goes to Sonny, who ripped off a 1 minute 50 second run in a modified (duh!) 1984 Corvette Convertible! Stunning as sub 2 minute runs are celebrated as a major accomplishment. Shaving off a full ten seconds from that feat is nearly unheard of. Congratulations (You’re CRAZY!!)

Pics will be coming shortly to this post and if I can pull it off, I might even get a video up.

{UPDATE: Video is now up}

{And as you can probably tell from the tone of this post, we’ve already been to the Saturday ‘pizza’ party at Big Mountain Pizza in Oakridge 😉 }

1977 Volkswagen Rabbit Hillclimb
2007 Larison Rock Hillclimb

The Race Rabbit

1984 Corvette Hillclimb Car

Sonny’s ride back down after setting the record.

Kipperman Datsun 240
Kipperman Datsun 240, it’s incredible!

Custom VW Camcorder Mount

Custom video camera mount in our Volkswagen. I know, you’re jealous you didn’t think of this 😉


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Nice post. The custom camera mount is ingenious! I’m glad the wifi at the hotel is better this year. I really enjoy reading your “on the road” posts.

Time to lower that time…but make sure the rabbit doesn’t end up like the hamster 😉

Cool post, looks like you had (are having?) a great time racing up the hill!

I’m stoked to see the video you captured too, fricking brilliant camera mount! 🙂

Be safe, so you don’t suffer an “off”.. I take that as he didn’t stay on the road, eh?


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