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1974 Jensen Healy Roadster on Craigslist

Here’s a cutey that popped up on Portland Craigslist for a 1974 Jensen Healy Roadster. Ad text:

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1974 Jensen Healy Roadster. Only 11,000 manufactured and now only approx. 4,000 left in the world!

2000 cc Lotus engine: double overhead cam, dual carbs, electronic ignition. French five-speed transmission. Itialian-Pinifera designed body. Lucas electronics. Original paint and upholstery in good shape. Parts & service are readily available for this fine British roadster.

$7,000 or best offer. Contact or 503-771-2671

I still have fond memories of my buddy Ed’s Jensen Healey. If it’s as good as it looks in the pics, someone will have a great convertible for the rest of the summer.