1993 Ducati 750 SuperSport: The Links

Only sold in the U.S. for one year, there’s probably less than 150 of them in the country. And one of them is in my garage!

Ducati Frame Detail

I first fell in love with the early 90’s Ducati Supersports after reading skads of Peter Egan Road and Track and Cycle World articles in the LBCC library inbetween classes. He often wrote of adventures with his Ducati 900SS. His writings about motorcycles have been compiled in two books, Leanings and Leanings 2


1992 Cycle World Article on the Ducati 750SS
Vortex Post on Ducati 900 SuperSport
8 Page Thread on Adventure Rider on the Ducati 900SS
A site devoted to an owner’s 900SS
Another great owner’s site, complete with a 1991 Cycle World Review of the Ducati 900SS
Ducati Northwest 2007 Event hosted by Ron Tonkin Motocorsa Forums
Nichols Manufacturing – Precison Ducati Parts
Ducatitech – A wealth of first hand knowledge on Ducati’s
DucatiSuite – A great collection of illustrated how-to articles for Ducati’s. Everything from changing oil to valve adjustments!


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Do you know of a source for carb parts? I was able to order slides from Ducati but my choke needles are deteriorated and not listed. I believe there is a Jap bike with the same BDST 38 B70 Mikuni. Can you help?
Jim M

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