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1995 M3 Lightweight For Sale

The most special e36 M3 imported to the U.S., the M3 Lightweight. This is a homoligation special for racing and most saw that very duty. Not this one. Only 12k miles!

1995 M3 Lightweight on Roadfly and the owner’s M3 Lightweight for sale page with all the details pertaining to this model.

BMW M3 Lightweighte36 m3 lightweight1995 bmw m3 lightweight

Now for the bad news: The owner is asking $42k. Yes I know they’re rare and I know there are very few that haven’t been raced. And there are numerous features that are unique to this car. But the factory modifications to a Lightwieght aren’t really that impressive in terms of engineering, especially when compared to previous BMW M offerings say 5-10 years earlier. Plus we never did get the fantastic 300+ HP european version of the M3 motor, which really was special. Not to say NA e36 M3’s aren’t fast and wonderful cars. But you would have to be a very, very serious BMW e36 enthusiast with a money tree growing in the backyard to justify this.


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I am pretty sure this car is for sale down the street from my office. I pulled in to see if it was the real deal…appears to be so. He was willing to take $29,000.00 for it. The car was in amazing shape with about 40,000 miles on it. Too bad i just dropped so much money in my e34:(

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