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BMW 2002 w/ S14 Swap For Sale

Often referred to as M2002 or M2, here’s a 74 BMW 2002 with an engine swap from the early e30 M3. A great swap for this car as the weight of this engine is comparable to the original, preserving the car’s balance. But that’s where the similarities end as the S14 cranks out a healthy 195hp, stock. The roots of the s14 engine can be traced back to BMW’s F1 efforts in the early 80’s.

BMW 2002 w/ S14 Swap For Sale on Roadfly

bmw 2002 w/ s14 for sale

This looks like a good buy for someone who can properly assess the rust and quality of the swap job. I’ve always been more than a little curious about these as it should provide for a power-to-weight ratio similar to a Lotus Elise.

Here’s a video of a really, really nice S14 swapped BMW 2002. IT IS NOT THE CAR FOR SALE, but should give an idea of what potential this swap can provide.