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2006 Ducati: One-off Custom Ortner Superbike!

Built by Alex Ortner, this is only the second bike he has decided to sell according to the ad. I haven’t done any research yet on his work, but in the meantime, lets skip to the pictures and specs:

Alex Ortner Ducati2006 Ducati Alex OrtnerOrtner Ducati

eBay listing for 2006 Ducati built by Alex Ortner

Some of the more obvious notables include:
– a hand built carbon fiber frame that exposes/highlights the twin cam belts to the Ducati superbike motor.
– carbon everything else, including the rims.
– magnesium goodies include the swingarm and triple clamp.

Some of the less obvious notables:
– race-built motor with 13:1 compression.
– custom software mapping (natch)
– the Showa forks up front are AMA Superbike spec from Matt Mladin’s factory ride!

There is an insane amount of work and irreplaceable parts on this fine machine. Bidding starts at $30k and no one has bid… yet.

Update 1.8.2008:Alex Ortner Website.