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Low Mileage 1988 BMW e30 M3 For Sale

24k Original Miles, $31.9k buy-it-now, current bid 25k w/ 8 days left. Beautiful red over black. Very few left with this kind of mileage. I featured an e30 M3 w/ 10k miles a year ago that was in the same category and price range.

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1988 BMW M3 For Sale on eBay

There are a couple of things that bother me about this particular example though: Spotty leather treatment/wear, the tacky pin striping, and the floor mats. I mean really, for a car of this price range, couldn’t you have sprung for a full detail and a $200 set of mats? A real inspection is required for this kind of cash, but that goes without saying for a premium price like this.

But what really bothers me is how high these premiums have become for low mileage, but not show quality, e30 M3 examples. It’s a legendary car with fantastic pedigree and an icon of it’s time. But I’d have to say that $32k buys a wealth of options that would be of better value. Yep, I said it — and I love e30 M3’s.

So for the next week, I’m going to fill the page with sports cars for sale I would rather have for $32k. I’ll include a few variations on the theme, but all will really be cars I’d rather have for the money. I’m going to loosen the mileage allowance a bit to 50k miles, but I think that’s reasonable considering the condition of this particular e30 m3 — many 50k mileage cars show better in my opinion.

Do you have a car in mind that you’d rather have? Post a comment up (or 2 or 3) with a link!


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Looking forward to the posts this week Dan. I think the first car that comes to mind is an E46 M3; there is something to be said for all these technological advancements in our autos. Second, would have to be a really clean Carrera of some form I’ll let you tell me the model and year. Going in another direction completely you could end up with a modded to the hilt hot saloon from our Japanese friends. Anyway you cut it, there are a lot of cars out there that will provide much cheaper while still satisfying motoring miles. I mean how often does the e30 need manually valve adjustments?

You’re not far off from the first car that came to my mind, e39 M5. And 964 Carrera was the second!

Valve adjustments for the e30 are every 15k miles. I believe the e46 m3’s are check/adjust every 15k as well. I’ll ask my favorite ex-tech to be sure 😉


[…] I realize this can’t be driven as regularly as an e30 M3 because it simply attracts to much attention to itself. Then again, so is anyone willing to spending $32k on an e30 M3. The practicality of this car is absolutely terrible as well and the fiberglass body shell is subject to inevitable rock chips — not to mention an accident in this car will result in five figure repair bills in most cases. But in every other category I could think of, the Elise is a clear winner in the head to head $32k challenge. […]

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