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2005 Lotus Elise

My number 2 pick (although not in any order) is this 2005 Lotus Elise with only 3k original miles for $32k buy-it-now on ebay:

2005 Lotus Elise For Sale
2005 Lotus Elise low miles
Lotus Elise for sale

2005 Lotus Elise on eBay

I had the opportunity to drive a Chrome Orange 2005 Lotus Elise with similar miles last year, and it was nothing short of amazing! The experience is still fresh in my mind, and the video I added for the BossAutos site is of my wife and I in a short stint around the block. My wife’s comments speak for them self!

– Stunning performance.
– Incredible styling.
– The best engineering available for the money.
– Targa top.
– Track day ready.

– No trunk space.
– Absolutely not a daily driver.
– An exterior that could be described as fragile.
– Service could be an issue depending on your location.

This particular example has minor front spoiler damage, but if it checks out as only cosmetic, the ultra-low 3k miles makes it easy to overlook.

I realize this can’t be driven as regularly as an e30 M3 because it simply attracts to much attention to itself. Then again, so is anyone willing to spending $32k on an e30 M3. The practicality of this car is absolutely terrible as well and the fiberglass body shell is subject to inevitable rock chips — not to mention an accident in this car will result in five figure repair bills in most cases. But in every other category I could think of, the Elise is a clear winner in the head to head $32k challenge.

Lotus Elise Videos:

Lotus Elise at the NuremburgringFifth Gear Test the Elise 111R