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Our Track Rabbit in Grassroots Motorsports!!

The November issue of Grassroots Motorsports has our Track Rabbit image included with their article on Northwest Hillclimbs! Check out the ’77 Panama Brown Rabbit at the Larison Rock Hillclimb on page 151:

Track Rabbit in Grassroots Motorsports

Our first national press, WOOT WOOT!

My time wasn’t that impressive and I was bested by my buddy Ed; and it was his first time to the hill! There were so many impressive times that I feel really flattered that our car made the article.

Naturally, with attention like this, props are due:

  • Thanks to Grassroots Motorsports for putting our car in your great magazine. I’m renewing my subscription, promise!
  • Many thanks to Patrick Ezard for the beautiful shot of the Rabbit!
  • Ed, the car was looking the best she ever has after your paint restoration detail job. Nice time at Larison too! Are your detail services available now that you’ve moved to the ATL?
  • And of course to Paul at Sports Car Shop in Eugene, Oregon for building one kick-ass great car that has been bullet-proof for over 3 years now! You are the man!

All things 1977 Track Rabbit
Emeral Empire Car Club – Host of the Larison Rock Hillclimb
Northwest Hillclimb Association


Ed’s Fast Time at Larison Rock 2007 in the Track Rabbit

My Second Best Time at Larison Rock 2007 in the Track Rabbit

Note: I am using this image with the photograher’s permission. Please email me with questions.


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